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  Contributed by:Ben
Can you believe I get a day off on Friday because Ronald Reagan died? I understand "normal" holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day, but is it really necessary to give the millions of people under the government's employ a (paid) day off because a 93-year-old man we knew was going to croak any day now, well, lived up to his expectations? I'm certainly not complaining that I get a day off ... I just don't agree with the reason. Hell, I don't even like Reagan and I think he did some terrible things to this country (like sky-rocketing the deficit). We have yet to take care of that nasty deficit he left us with - but you won't hear anyone remembering that during his funeral, oh no, it'll all just be peaches and roses.

  Contributed by:Ben
I've started my new job at NIST. Currently I'm working on adding a help interface to a refrigeration modelling simulation named EVAP-COND. Later on in the summer I'll be doing more challenging work on some of the other in-house programs.
I also have a funny story to relate. On my first day of work here (Tuesday) I had to stop by the security trailer to get a visitor's badge. Before I entered, I noticed a squirrel hanging around on a wooden fence really close to the door. He didn't seem to run away when I approached. Inside was a friendly overweight African American guy. This guy put a handful of potato chips outside on the wooden fence, and the squirrel started eating them. Then I happened to look on the guy's desk and noticed a 5"x8" framed photo of his squirrel sitting up on its haunches. Evidently this squirrel is his pet, and he feeds it every day and uses it to entertain visitors (as I left a visitor was standing about a foot away from the squirrel watching it eat). Needless to say, the squirrel was fat.

  Contributed by:Ben
This is a random entry just to get poor Udephus onto a google search result somewhere. Udephus, if you're reading this, this is CydeWeys

  Contributed by:Ben
I figured out what was wrong: the hard drive on Fyre was full. Then, every time the site generation script was run, it would run out of room and generate a blank .html document. I solved that problem by deleting around 1GB of *.rpm's that were sitting around.

  Contributed by:Ben
The site was down for awhile ... and you can probably blame me for that. Something was wrong with the site generation script, but I've fixed it. A belated Happy New Year goes out to everyone. My Winter Break is almost up, and on the 24th I'll be back in school. I've been playing a lot of America's Army recently. It's a great multiplayer game. I've also been playing Kingdom Hearts (for PS2) and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (for PC).

A guy I know at college is writing a weblog called Sorority Girl. In it, he pretends to be a college-aged female and writes all of these satirical, dumb-sounding entries. I think he's getting a bit too much into it - he's been writing an entry a day for months, and even put together a "fundraiser" for kids at Childrens' Hospital that raised over $300. Needless to say, he gets a lot of readers, but I can't help but wonder how many of his regular readers have actually "caught on" to his ploy? His real name is Sing Su and he's a diminuative-looking Asian boy.

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