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  Contributed by:Ben
I've read a lot of books recently and I'm preparing to put some reviews up on my book reviews page. Keep in mind, I'm doing this for fun, not for a school assignment, to keep track of what I've read, and not to earn points for a class. Keep that in mind; the style might be different than what you'd expect from a typical assignment.

  Contributed by:Ben
I've read some great books recently, including the entire Manifold series by Stephen Baxter: Manifold: Time, Manifold: Space and Manifold: Origin. They're excellent, and I'll be posting a full review in the scifi section as soon as school is over and I can stop worrying about these final exams. I'm in the process of reading other books, and I've also read more books for school (Huckleberry Finn and Macbeth come to mind), but I feel no strong compulsion to post a reviewof them.
My sister is reading Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card, for school! Lucky her. A young female teenager's thoughts about this book may be much different than mine: I loved it and read it three times. I've heard my sister grumbling about it though. Luckily, she has to do a book report/review on it, so with her permission, I think I'd like to post it up here and offer a second, different perspective on what is typically considered an excellent book, by male scifi geeks anyway.

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