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  Contributed by:Ben McIlwain
I've posted the section on the weapons of Firearms, which you can access through the menubar to the left. Some of it is still the default from the official Firearms site, but throughout the day I should eventually get around to finishing all of it.

Tip of the Day
Be sure you have the "change firing mode" key bound! For some weapons, 3 round burst is advantageous. And for most weapons, semi-auto mode is very useful underwater. All the smgs and all the assault rifles, but not the shotguns, can be fired underwater if set to single shot mode. Most people don't know this, but it makes a huge difference. I see some foolish people who think that their weapons won't work underwater, so they come at me with a knife, and I shoot a shoot FA-MAS rounds into their head. Then they accuse me of cheating because I'm shooting underwater! I explain it to them, and they agree it's quite clever, but still, there are many people who don't know, so I'm trying to educate the masses.

  Contributed by:Ben McIlwain
Just a few more configs I've been experimenting with that I'd like to mention:
  • Heavy armor, head armor, arm armor, bandages, and AK-47. You are more armored than pretty much anyone you'll encounter on the battlefield, and you have a powerful weapon to work with. Use this against those double-weapon people who have little armor - just be sure to kill them in one clip, because you'll have to reload, and they'll simply switch to their secondary weapon.
  • Light armor, head armor, arm armor, bandages, FAMAS, and AK-47. I prefer playing with this config now; it's an awful lot of fun. Go into battle with the FAMAS and when its clip is drained quick-switch over to the AK-47. If you finish that whole clip, either charge in with the bayonet, or jump around and reload.
  • Medium armor, head armor, arm armor, bandages, 17-point Barette sniper rifle. This one is simple: use it on maps with good sniping opportunities. This is the king of sniper rifles because two hits and anybody is instantly dead; about 1/3rd of the time it's an instant kill if you hit full-on in the face. Very deadly. You can even use it in close range combat (Only if you must, since it's your only weapon. Try not to get up-close-and-personal, please): stay still, aim, and shoot the foe. It's very fun when the enemy is charging in at you with a FAMAS and you stop him with a well-placed 50-caliber to the chest at point-blank range.
  • Light armor, head armor, arm armor, leg armor, M60 machine gun. This is one of the lamer configs available. I only use it on iwo_jima, the really close-quarters map, where I've been KNOWN to get about 10 kills in one lucky run. It just simply keeps on shooting while the enemies are all out of ammo. Warning, you'll get called names such as "rambo" ... people generally tend to frown upon running around while shooting the M60.

Other Config Options

Naturally, there's a lot of other possible configs I left out. Some things you may want to consider are, none of the configs above have any grenades or claymores, which are extremely useful. Certain maps have spots that just _ask_ for claymores, and simply by placing one down in that designated spot, you know you'll get a kill. Other maps, like ps_desertcrisis, are spam-infested, so you'll need a lot of grenades. Personally, I prefer the stielhand grenades, because the explosive range is much larger, they do much more damage to the point where you get direct kills more often with them over frag grenades, and you can prime them. Always hold the fire button down for one to two seconds before you release a stielhand; it gives the enemy less time to run. So how do you make room in your inventory for grenades or claymores? Take off some of your armor. That's the only answer I can give you.

Leg Armor VS Arm Armor

The debate still rages on: if you only have 4 credits left, do you spend it on arm armor or leg armor. Personally, I get arm armor, because without it, hits to the arms significantly decrease accuracy. But then you may get your leg broken a lot. Hopefully, Medic II will be able to fix that some of the time. Here's the main reason I pick arm armor: it gets hit more. The enemy is most likely aiming at central mass, i.e. your torso, and maybe a bit higher in the hope for headshots. As you strafe in and out some of the stray shots may hit your arms, which generally get hit more overall in battle. Also, there's some situations where leg armor becomes irrelevant anyway, like if you're prone-sniping or standing behind a sandbag. But there aren't really any times when your legs are exposed and your arms aren't.

Tomorrow I'll get around to making a separate weapons section, dedicated to explaining EACH weapon in-depth with good strategies. It might take awhile, but I feel obligated to do it, since I love Firearms to death.

Servers I've Been Seen On Recently:
]LF[ Plum Tree : A nice big server that uses C-D, Cheating-Death, the ultimate in anti-cheater protection.
mjr's playground (FF on) : Fun, simply because sometimes FF is just a lot of fun, and they run a lot of cool 3rd-party maps that you won't see elsewhere and are well worth the download.

  Contributed by:Ben McIlwain
Firearms is a mod for Half-Life. Half-Life itself is a sort of old game, but Firearms is a relatively new mod still being worked on that is a lot of fun. The best description I can think of is: it's like Counter-Strike, only a lot better. You may have even seen me around on Firearms servers: I used to play as Genre or Cyde, but I go by the name of Arquebus now.
Here are some of my custom configs that I use (if you're a newbie, you might want to try these out rather than the pre-mades; the pre-mades are all pretty much bad):
(To get pre-mades to work, you need to put the following lines of text into the file "quick config.txt" in your firearms/menus directory.)
  • Deadly Berserker

    The main strategy is, hit 'em hard from the get-go with your FAMAS, and if you need to, switch over to the Benelli 7-shot shotgun to finish them off. With one FAMAS clip you can likely take out two enemies, but if more come in, you'll need that Benelli in a flash.

  • Swiss Army Knife
    You've got a lot of cool stuff at your disposal with this config. First of all, your M-16 doubles as your main assault rifle and an m203 grenade launcher. My m203 grenades have gotten 5 closely clustered enemies before, so be sure not to underestimate it. The shotgun is for when your M-16 clip and m203 is gone. You also have a claymore, which comes in really handy; place it somewhere in a path of travel for enemy troops and you're guaranteed a kill, unless one of your own teammates foolishly triggers it. I've gotten six kills on a claymore once, though to be truthful, it was spawn camping. And you've got your frag grenades. Throw them into tightly packed areas or where the enemy has holed themselves up.

  • Klassic Klan Konfig
    No, this isn't Ku Klux Klan related or anything. I just see it so much with "l33t cl@n d00ds" that I figured I might as well put it up here. I never really like this config; two main assault rifles, the M-16 and FAMAS, just doesn't seem to work for me.

  • Always get bandages. In your config, if possible; otherwise you'll have to waste some time hunting them down on the map.
  • Typically your first four skills should go like this: Marks I, Marks II, Medic I, Medic II. On a few special occasions, like if you really want to use artillery, then you can change; otherwise, these are the Golden Four.
  • You don't need a sniper rifle to snipe! Many of the automatic rifles, like the FAMAS or g3e3, are highly accurate anyway. Just aim at the speck that is a far-away enemy, and you'll have a good chance of getting them. Getting the Marks I and Marks II skills really help this one along.
  • Manuever! If you stay put, you're dead. I typically strafe continually, occasionally backpedal, jump, and to really make stuff interesting, crouch. Remember, battles can be decided in a split-second; assault rifles are capable of spitting out that much damage that quickly. Doing anything to prevent the enemy from hitting you is well worth it. Crouching in the midst of a firefight is an awesome strategy; most of the enemy's bullets will go flying over you for a second.
  • Vary it up! There isn't really any camping in Firearms. If you kill someone as they round the sandbags you're hiding behind, the next time they'll come around shooting and you'll be dead. After you've killed two or three people from a certain spot, change it up, by moving somewhere else, or going prone, or whatnot.
  • An unexpecting enemy is a dead enemy! Most of my kills come from outmanuevering and flanking the enemies. If you get behind their main mass of troops and start tearing them up from behind, they're totally screwed. A huge example is on Durandal: if you're red, and they're blue, and you get up into their sniper's nest, you can kill three in there easily, and then snipe the enemies on the ground unsuspectingly as they round the corner. You can also cover the door. Once I'm up in there, I typically get FIVE kills! So the point is - be clever. Get your enemies when they're not expecting it.
  • Most weapons can shoot underwater. How? You must switch to single-shot mode (you should definitely have this bound). The FAMAS, M-16, they all shoot underwater. Use this to your advantage.
  • Some other good weapons not mentioned in the above configs are the AK-47, 17-pt anti-tank sniper rifle, PSG1, and the zooming Anaconda pistol. Mix up your config. Don't settle upon one as I have until you've played for a VERY long time and you've found what matches your playing style most effectively.
  • Bind the switch-weapons key (q on my keyboard). So as soon as you respawn, switch to your secondary weapon, i.e. the Benelli shotgun, then switch back to your main assault rifle. Then, in battle, when your ammo runs out, simply press the 'q' button to switch over instantly.
  • Bind the use medic ability key (v on my keyboard). If you have the medic ability, in the heat of battle, press 'v' to get an instant 15 or 30 HP boost. Only start bandaging yourself when you're in a relatively safe place.
  • Practice! Some of Firearms is simply acquired skill. I can massacre enemies in a second with my FAMAS, and I can then easily switch to the Benelli and take a few more out. Newbies generally can't do this. You simply need practice. And an optical mouse and broadband connection never hurts.

That's all for now, good luck playing Firearms!

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