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  Contributed by:Ben

The July Campaign is over, and I'm happy to say that I did reasonably well! All in all I won three LE's: Picket, Anunub's Shield, and some random LE-4 Rebellion (I'll explain that later). The tournament was a heck of a lot of fun, and I must admit, WizKids was successful in getting me to buy more product: conservatively, I spent around $200 this month on Mage Knight alone, including the Conquest Castle pieces required for the campaigns, a lot of multi-dial figures, the Conquest Siege Pack, and a lot of plain old boosters.

The first two weeks were rather plain; I played some Radiant Light Dragon army for Week One, and with the additional 100 points for Week Two, I added in a KI Charger with Lord Oren. I did well in Week One until I came up against this army that I simply could not beat. The same thing happened in Week Two: I was kicking butt until I came up against an Emerald Glade Mystery death star type formation. Luckily I won the sportsmanship award that week.

Week Three was the biggie: a Gilgarsh on the line. I had spent hours painting my figures, getting together a nice cool army, and you know what? I show up and the tournament's full! Argh! Luckily, our warlord is really nice, and he had some prize support left from the Rebellion tournaments that he hadn't taken for himself. So a mini tournament was played on the side (Other people besides me showed up but couldn't get into the main tournament). I ended up taking first place in that, and won the LE-4!

Week Four was pathetic. Only one other person showed up besides me. My army was based around large, enhanced formations of Troll Artillerists, Woodland Snipers, Khasmin Fusers and Black Powder Boomers, etc. I also had SIX units with Command and a nicely enhanced Stonethrower/Cannon formation, with Elite Surok Apprentices and Demi-Maguses giving a nice +4 to damage. I took a lot of pictures of all of my games, but I don't exactly have the hosting bandwidth necessary to do something with them, so for now I'll just give you a nice (non)-graphical battle report.

Week Four was rather easy; I was on the BPR side, defending, using my aforementioned army to go up against an army full of powerful uniques: Emerald Glade Mystery, Elemental Priestess, Storm Golem, three different Solonavis, Thunder Golem, Stonethrower, and a lot of Elven Demi-Maguses to chain Defend, as well as some Elite Surok Apprentices for the magic enhancement. Bottom line, it looked really ugly! I was rather sure I was going to lose. But, you know what? I won a resounding victory! As I had thought, single, expensive uniques just aren't that good in Conquest. A nice Troll Artillerist formation has a sixteen attack and 8-9 damage (including Magic Enhancers). And the trolls were strong enough to withstand a single magic-enhanced blast from my enemy's strong ranged units, such as the Thunder Golem, Storm Golem, and Solonavis.

The battle went something like this. I advanced with my troll artillerists, he would try to shoot them down, then I used my shamans to heal the artillerists, and pushed them all to do two devastating attacks. My 10 troll artillerists were beating down a 170+ unique per turn, and the shamans and Chaos Mage proved to be invaluable: healing was easy on the artillerists' low defense, and the magic enhancement was excellent! I suppose next time I may try a few Elven Demi-Maguses to chain Defend off a high defense value unit, such as my Amazon Queen.

My titans turned out to be somewhat of a bad expense. At nearly 500 points, more than for my artillerist formation, my stonethrower/cannon deathstar just didn't cut it. I would've much rather had more troll artillerists. And my BPR formation of Fusers ended up being invaluable as fodder: I'd move them in the same time as the artillerists, they would get beaten up badly, and the artillerists would release unholy slaughter. I ended up losing most of the BPR units both games, but you know what? It didn't matter much; they only cost about 120 points total, and more than made up for that with their 13 attack, 6 damage formation ranged attacks on my enemy's uniques!

Bottom line, I won, and so Anunub's Shield was mine. I really don't think it's that good. At 85 points, with only 10 attack and 10 range, I find it to be a bit too overcosted. That's just my opinion, though.


  Contributed by:Ben
There are some weird scheduling problems, it seems. The league match played last Monday as apparently the one that was to occur tomorrow, so the scenario two tournament is going to be held Sunday, June 14th, at noon. I'll have a digital camera by then, so maybe I'll take some pictures of the events and upload them here. Also, I'll be handing out this URL, and starting the mailing list, and maybe we'll see a nice collection of Dream Wizards players using this page regularly for scheduling. By the way, I'm planning a very interesting army for the tournament: a dragon and a chariot! Be afraid, be very afraid!

  Contributed by:Ben
The tournament on Monday was a great success. We had eleven people show up, and in the end, a GFD army won. One of the LE's was a Rickket. The next campiagn tournament, #2, will be held this Sunday at noon. Be sure to be there, and bring a 400 point army! I'm still working on the mailing list, but in the meanwhile, I have a simple Mage Knight @ Dream Wizards Discussion Board up and running (I programmed it in PERL). Use it to coordinate friendly games, swaps, and general MK meeting times at Dream Wizards. In the future, I'm hoping to add some more functionality to this site: namely, in-depth tournament reporting, where we post up who won each week, and in addition, the prize LE's they received. I might be interested in getting some other MK'ers who play at Dream Wizards to be contributing reporters: remakr on interesting experiences you had in your games, etc. And, we'll probably need a way to post up army listings and army construction advice and such. Maybe instead of programming the forum I'll just go with something nice, pre-made and easy, such as phpBB. Hehe.

  Contributed by:Ben

Welcome to the Mage Knight at Dream Wizards (In Rockville, Maryland) website. I'm compiling this webpage because I've noticed a curious lack of MK players at Dream Wizards; there are M:tG and WarHammer players left and right, but the MK'ers seem only to come out of the woodworks for tournaments, and then there's 8 to 12 of 'em! So, I believe what has been scaring people off is the lack of any standardized "scrimmage time", even though there are more than enough of us. This website is designed to get us Dream Wizards MK'ers together to play MK more often!

This idea was just inspired thiry minutes ago from an MKrealms discussion, so excuse me if it isn't entirely fleshed out yet. What I'll have up very soon is a mailing list for Dream Wizards players, so we can ask each other what time we can meet at Dream Wizards to play MK, etc. I'd also eventually like to get together a forum for discussion of the tournaments at Dream Wizards, or for bargaining over trades, etc. This will be a lot more useful than the global MKrealms, because if someone says they'll trade you X, then you just schedule a night to show up and bring Y along with you!

More details coming soon. Maybe I can get a link to us from the Dream Wizards site. In the meantime, just stay tuned, I'll be getting our communications infrastructure all put together nicely. I'll also be handing out the URL to this page tonight at the Battle One Campaign game. I'm bringing a very peculiar army: 1x Solonavi Striker, 1x Magus Draconum, 1x Chaos Mage, 1x Shaman ***, 1x Imp ***, 2x Imp **. Should be fun! Hehe.


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