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  What is all this?
This computer, Fyre, runs a public server for the game known as Nethack. Click the link for more information; if you're an experienced Nethack player, I'll give you the server login information you need straight away. But first ...

What are the benefits of a public Nethack server?
There are many benefits. As you play, you may unexpectedly run across the bones file of a deceased adventurer, another player on this server. Sharing bones files is a lot of fun because you might run into anything, and it's a lot of fun to try and figure out how the previous adventurer died (Hmmm, I see his corpse is petrified, and there's a partially eaten egg here ...). Also, you can play on Fyre from anywhere; which means you can play your saved games from anywhere. If you only play on your home computer, well, then you can only play on your home computer :-)

Are there any reasons not to play on Fyre?
Not really. I'm on a good, fast, speedy broadband connection, which is attached by a router to the Internet. And my computer is always on. Thus, Fyre is available for you to play on 24/7.

What are some of the features of Fyre?
Fyre is no ordinary public Nethack server. You get almost as much control as you would by playing at your home computer. The login script for Fyre is full-featured, including some of the following features:
  • Recovering of interrupted games
  • Viewing the high score list for yourself and/or all other players
  • Complete options customizability; you basically get to write your own .nethackrc
  • Encrypted, non-echoed passwords
  • Change password ability
  • Number of accounts (and hence saved games) is unlimited

So how do I play on Fyre?
First, you'll need a Telnet/SSH client. I recommend PuTTY. Once you've installed and opened up PuTTY, or whichever client you prefer to use, dial in to my computer using the following details:
Server: fyre.sytes.net
Login name: yasd
Login password: yasd
And then you're into the login script. If you don't have an account, you will be prompted to make one; simply input a username and password (be sure to remember them, or you can't resume saved games). You can now modify your options and play the game. Modifying options is somewhat complex and involves lines such as: "OPTIONS=number_pad,!auto_pickup,color,DECgraphics,lit_corridor,!IBMgraphics" but, luckily, comprehensive information on setting options is available at the aforementioned official Nethack site. So that's all you need to know. Have fun, and happy hacking!

Fyre's Domain 2002