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  Contributed by:Ben McIlwain
Here are the newsgroups I am currently subscribed to and active in:
  • TALK.ORIGINS: A great newsgroup where people argue over evolution, and more general, scientific explanations of things versus religious explanations of things
  • REC.ARTS.SF.COMPOSITION: A great newsgroup for those who are interested in creating their own works of fantastic fiction, such as I.
  • REC.ARTS.SF.WRITTEN: A general newsgroup where people discuss science fiction. This is a great resource to get reviews and info on sci-fi books you may be interested in reading.
  • SCI.PHYSICS: A great newsgroup for discussion of physical laws - some of it is over my head, but you can learn a lot of cool stuff. They can also answer scientific questions you may have while writing stories a lot better than the rec.arts.sf.composition crowd.
  • REC.GAMES.ROGUELIKE.NETHACK: The newsgroup for discussing NetHack, which I run a public server of on Fyre. Fyre announcements on there are a lot more up-to-date than the ones on here.
  • ALT.ATHEISM: This used to be a good newsgroup sort of like talk.origins, but more oriented towards those who already accept evolution and the fact that there's no religion. Unfortunately, the intolerant people started spamming like crazy, so alas, I cannot really recommend alt.atheism anymore. It turned into a gigantic flame war.

If you don't know how to use newsgroups, first you'll need a newsgroup reader (Internet Explorer and Netscape Communicator ship with them), or xrn or pan for Linux. Then contact your ISP for the newsgroup server you'll need to login to.

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