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  Contributed by:Ben
Yesterday I had a bit of fun. An article was posted on Slashdot about the former Admiral who's pushing for the Total Information Services act. Basically, it allows the government to invade our privacy even further and share any information they know about citizens with all the other government agencies. In theory, I suppose it could work if it was carefully controlled and used only to track criminals. But it's probably going to end up more like an Orwellian dystopia. So I was mildly amused that the first victim of TIA is former admiral John Poindexter himself. Privacy advocates dug up all his personal information and published it to the web - how much his house is worth, his address, phone number, etc. So I looked up his address on MapQuest and realized that I live less than five miles away!
Naturally, I knew what I had to do. Yesterday after school I took a detour to 10 Barrington Fare, John Poindexter's house, and snapped some photos. Digital photos. And, here they are! Enjoy! Lets give this guy a taste of his own medicine (invasion of privacy) and see how long he can put up with it.

  Contributed by:Ben
Here's a funny picture I've composed for my Digital Arts class. It's 100Kb, contains some heavily modified background images, and three people. Some of my friends may recognize up to two of these people. Good luck on that.

  Contributed by:Ben
Here's a composite picture of two statues outside of George Washington University. Some mischevious students added the captions in chalk.

Here's a composite image of an elephant statue near Dupont Square.

Fun with Photoshop:
My head on my cat's body.
Arianna on an iceberg.
Arianna in the desert (b&w).

  Contributed by:Ben
Here are a few fun pictures of my cat, Ciao:

  Contributed by:Ben McIlwain
Some more random images today; have fun looking through them. I'm not really going to describe them, can you figure out why?
And some links:

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