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  Contributed by:Ben
Ah yes, my AP test scores came back awhile ago and I'm pleased to announce that I got fives on both of my exams, English and, of course, Psychology! I hope this resource I've set up is helpful for everyone. Also, it appears that AP Psychology Net has posted these chapter reviews on the site as resources for AP Psychology students. Quite frankly, I'm flattered that people are finding them useful. Naturally, I have some complaints though. AP Psychology Network is full of ads, so I suppose it's making money off of the materials offered here ad-free. Also, they're offering up all of the reviews as PDFs, instead of just plain HTML like I do, which is very puzzling. Quite frankly, I think Adobe Acrobat sucks, and I'm surprised that people use it all when a page of html and associated images is just so much more accessible. Less than half of the people online can't even read Acrobat documents. Heck, I know that I can't, and I provided the material in the first place! Argh! Also, a minor nitpick: the "Original Source" links for each chapter review just link back to this main page instead of each psychology review in detail, which makes browsing less efficient for the students. Frankly, I think that by providing them in the format that they do, and by not linking to my HTML-only versions correctly, they're making the reviews less accessible to the AP Psychology students who could benefit. Oh well, I can complain, but there's not really anything I can do. For today, this is Ben McIlwain, signing off.

  Contributed by:Ben
Well, it's been awhile since I finished the AP Psychology class, but I'm still going to leave this website up. You never know, some people could find it handy! My AP scores haven't come back yet, but I'll get around to posting them once they do.

  Contributed by:Ben
So, the AP Psychology exam has come and gone, and I believe I did reasonably well (Actually, I think I got a 5, and so far I've been 100% accurate with my predictions on scores on AP exams). I also got an A for the semester in the class, which is a good thing. I hope all of you did well on the test, and I hope I helped you somewhat!
In the final frantic days leading up to the AP Psychology exam, traffic to this page skyrocketed, and Google reports that hundreds of people came here searching for AP psychology review materials. In fact, this website is now listed in second place on Google for the search term "AP Psychology Review"! Awesome! Even though I'm done with AP Psychology, I'm going to leave this page up, to help future AP test takers. And I'm going to continue working on it as well, by posting entire practice multiple choice sections rather than just chapter-specific reviews. Also, there's a benefit in doing this, because I'll be keeping up with my Psychology.

  Contributed by:Ben
I've uploaded two more reviews; the AP Psych is in less than a week, just next Thursday, so study, study!

  Contributed by:Ben
I've posted the Chapter 8: Learning review quiz today, with leaves me with a question for my teacher: whatever happened to chapter 7? I'll ask him and see what he does about that. In the meantime, I'll post chapter 8 answers as soon as we're done using the quiz in class (Posting the answers to the quiz before it was due would be unethical, for obvious reasons).

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