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16:23 11/09/2002
  Contributed by:Barry
How come you aren't online almost at all anymore?

  Contributed by:Ben
Okay, I've updated the map files. The number of maps I'm reaching is ridiculous. Be warned, I have, unfortunately, ended up playing some unbalanced maps that people "rigged" for their own amusement. I am not about to sort through my directory and pick through the bad ones. I am, however, going to pick out a few highlights:
  • Cyde Artillery Defense. Basically, I took the map of Crimshine Towers, removed the pathing, modified the mapping, and swapped all of the towers. The game now consists of incredibly long-ranged towers and short-ranged mines. The mines hold up the enemies with Slow, and the long range mortars dish out the damage. You need a good mix to win. As far as I know, winning is possible, so there's no reason not to try!
  • Cyde Epicenter Defense. An ... interesting twist on the typical TD. There's no pathing, so you'll need to make your own walls (you can get a lot of towers and they're cheap). Let me advise against playing this map: it's certainly not complete (I just haven't had the time), and it ends up generating huge amounts of lag.
  • Cyde Multiplication Defense. A re-map of Arkguil's Multiplication Defense. I moved the starting positions to give the players a good idea of where to build if they actually want to win. Note, this map is almost impossible.
  • Cyde Murder In The Graveyard. Much like the original Murder in the Graveyard, this one is improved in many ways. I've added more terrain as well as a "Kills Quota". So the killer can no longer sit around not killing anyone, leaving the end of the game to be a complete guessing match. Also, I fixed the problem with the camera, where it wouldn't "stick." You'll see.
  • Cyde N00B Defense. A bizzare blend of Arkguil Tower Defense and Murder In the Graveyard. I made this map after getting pissed off so many times when newbies in various tower defense maps screwed up the whole team. In this, one of the players is randomly selected as the N00B, and it is the N00B's goal to try and make the team lose by building a sucky defense, but not being too obvious about it. Obviously, the rest of the players in the team need to be careful: if teal or purple, the two middle players, is the N00B, then they can destroy all of their towers right before the enemies reach them and cause an instant loss. Players can vote on the N00B at any time. Personally, I find it to be a very fun game.

  Contributed by:Ben
For now I'll just be hosting a lot of map files. You can see all of the map files I have in this directory, or you can check out the links below to specific maps .

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