A disparity in speeds

The neighbors’ kids were playing outside earlier today with their new Christmas presents. The older brother got an electric Razor scooter and the younger one got an electric mock ATV. As they left their driveway for the first time in their new toys and started going up the street, I could already immediately spot the obvious problem.

The scooter is rather fast. It’s built efficiently, and can easily exceed 10 mph. The mock ATV, however, is a pure children’s toy, and probably goes about 2 to 3 mph, tops. The older brother was already at the end of the street before his younger sibling even made it past the end of their yard. These two toys have good synergy.

In a perfect world, you’d figure out ahead of time that if you have two boys who like playing together, and you get them both motorized toys, then both toys should be able to go at the same speed. In the real world, though, this is something you’d probably never think of beforehand (I wouldn’t have), and the large problem only becomes evident once it is too late.

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