Life’s little simplest pleasures

No being in the world is happier than a cat whose owner just got an electric blanket for Christmas.

Ciao resting

I’m sure he thinks it’s his, though. He’ll be absolutely distraught when someone moves it off of the couch, as it has become the highlight of his days. He spends hours laying on that thing now, not knowing how the heat is generated, nor caring; he simply knows that it is warm, and that makes him happy.

One Response to “Life’s little simplest pleasures”

  1. arensb Says:

    Heh. He looks a lot like mine. And yes, of course it’s his.

    I moved the stereo onto a side table to make room for the Christmas tree. Now one of my cats has discovered that her favorite place to nap is on top of the amplifier, with its nice warm electronics.