Pictures from South Carolina

I finally got around to downloading the pictures of our South Carolina trip from our digital camera. Here are the two most absurd ones.

Flags flying at Maurice's BBQ

These are the flags flying in front of Maurice’s BBQ in Columbia, South Carolina. In order from top to bottom, those are the flag of the United States, the state flag of South Carolina, the Confederate flag, and the Union Jack. My best guess is that they are flying the Union Jack as solidarity with the United Kingdom (the only other nation really involved in fighting this utterly stupid Iraq War), although they don’t seem to realize that it’s typically considered an insult to fly one nation’s flag underneath another’s.

Observation tower at South Of The Border

This is the uniquely campy 66 meters tall hat-shaped observation tower at the South of the Border “roadside attraction” (you couldn’t really call it an amusement park). For those of you who’ve never had the “privilege” of visiting South of the Border, so-called because it is just south of the North Carolina/South Carolina border, let me just say that it is even worse than the experience of reading their hundreds of obnoxious billboards all along I-95. I swear to God, I was on I-95 in New York once, and I saw a billboard that said “South of the Border, 834 miles” (or whatever, I don’t remember the exact distance).

4 Responses to “Pictures from South Carolina”

  1. Richard Moore Says:

    The flags have nothing to do with any absurd political views. The Union Jack and Confederate Flag are flown to show support of what is truely our heritage. American first, South Carolinian second, Southern heritage third, and british heritage last. It is not absurd to most South Carolinians and is understood by most Southerners.

  2. Confederacy of Dunces Says:

    The Confederate Flag is a symbol that first and foremost represents a society whose primary interest was in maintaining a slave-based economy indefinitely.

  3. Thorn Says:

    “Confederacy of Dunces” you apparently know nothing about southern history and/or the Civil War. Why not pick up a book before you toss around the race bater comments.

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