The ultimate job

The ultimate job has to be a job that pays you to go to all of the exotic places that other people can’t even afford to visit. I’m thinking something along the lines of Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, or Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild. Both of these guys get paid to travel around the world, seeing and doing things that the rest of us can only dream of. Of course, I wouldn’t say that either of these jobs are particularly easy, but if it’s easy you want, look no further than correspondent for a travel show. How awesome would it be to go to a different unique place every week, and get paid for it.

With the direction my life is heading right now it’s looking likely that I’ll be a computer programmer. If I want to go to the Moab Desert, Rocky Mountains, or an uninhabited island in the middle of the Pacific, I’ll have to pay my own way, and it won’t be cheap. I wonder if there’s some way to create a hybrid programming/travel show. “Coding Around The World” or something.

2 Responses to “The ultimate job”

  1. arensb Says:

    A show about i18n/l10n, perhaps?

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    Hrmm, I suppose you could go around the world and interview people involved in translating software and documentation. I wonder how long it would last before being canceled, though. Or did you mean more about going around the world in order to get information on how best to handle translation, or even to get the translations themselves? I can see that there might be some really small languages out there that don’t have a bilingual speaker who uses the Internet; in that case, you might actually have to go visit to get some translations.