Decapitation and religion

I saw a horrible story on the local news earlier tonight. A man decapitated his four-year-old daughter, then took a plane into Washington D.C. He was apprehended earlier today by police who busted into his hotel room. As he was taken away by police he was quoting Bible verses.

Suddenly the story makes sense. There are few things that would make one decapitate one’s own child besides religion. Religion encourages utterly irrational behavior, whether it’s through the catch-all forgiveness clause or the de-emphasis of the importance of “this” life compared to the eternal afterlife. Way too many people commit utterly heinous acts in the name of religion, because it’s easy to forgive bad acts as long as they are carrying out God’s will.

What I like the most is the non-chalant way in which the anchor said that the man was repeating phrases from the Bible as he was arrested. Almost as if it isn’t a big deal, like it’s to be expected. In a way, I suppose it is. A guy who would do that to his own child ain’t normal; he’s either psychotic or religious. In this case it appears to be a mixture of the two.

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