Google is this site’s front page

Skrentablog makes a good case that Google is the web’s front page. Google handles about 80% of search engine traffic, and for many sites, is effectively a front page. If it weren’t for that Popular Science ad (which was linked from a few notable blogs), Google would definitely be this site’s front page too, with over 200 entries from the search engine so far this month alone.

Google is the web’s front page because it is where the majority of traffic to any given site actually comes from. There are big sites out there that have built up a reputation over time and are basically their own front pages, but these are few and far in the minority. Most sites aren’t bookmarked and regularly checked up on by a majority of their viewers. Most sites don’t have vibrant user communities which provide the majority of the traffic. This site, “Cyde Weys Musings”, is no exception.

I’ve been running a handy Apache logs analyzer called AWStats for about a month now. Here are a few statistics. So far, in just this month, there have been 838 unique visitors, 157 of which have been referred by Google (the rest can largely be attributed to links from other blogs to the Popular Science ad scan). The most popular Google search topics seem to be stock scams, Sealand, “Sticking Leeches On Myself”, and Second Life. Site traffic is significantly higher on weekdays than on weekends. This site has also been hit on 1221 times by Google’s crawlers and 492 times by Yahoo’s crawlers just in this month alone.

All in all, I guess the site is going well, considering it’s only about a month old now. As long as there are a few people reading what I write, I’m happy. It’s more of an exercise in writing than anything else, anyway (something that hopefully my emo emu bit made clear). As the Popular Science stuff fades into the past, I’m sure my site traffic is going to be largely driven by visitors from Google. Which makes sense. Where else are people going to find out about this site from?

5 Responses to “Google is this site’s front page”

  1. Darmok Says:

    I get a mix of traffic from Google and from other weblogs, including internal WordPress referrals such as Then again, my traffic is low, so I expect that would change were it to get busier.

    Also, I’d suggest that you either remove the link to the “About” page or perhaps write a bit about yourself or your weblog there.

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    Hrmm, good point, looks like I’ve utterly ignored the About page until now. I’ll put something up. Just curious, how did you find this site?

  3. Darmok Says:

    That’s a good question, and I’m not really sure anymore. I’m guessing I saw you comment on one of the blogs I read, perhaps Pharyngula or Bad Astronomy? Your name is familiar to me from Wikipedia (though I’m not sure we ever interacted), and I was curious and followed the link (presumably).

  4. Cyde Weys Says:

    You probably followed my comment on Pharyngula then. I don’t recall really commenting on Bad Astronomy. As for seeing me on Wikipedia … yep, that too.

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