Iraq: Do we even care anymore?

Here’s the latest story about the violence and carnage in Iraq:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — More than 100 people were killed in Baghdad on Tuesday in bombing and shooting incidents, most of them in neighborhoods where the militia of a powerful anti-American Shiite cleric holds sway.

A suicide bomber and a car bomb killed at least 70 people and wounded 169 more at entrances to a once-prestigious university in Baghdad.

So the question is … do we even care anymore? How many years of this stuff can one pay attention to before it just slips below the radar as “situation as usual”? How scary is it that a hundred deaths in a single day now qualifies as below the radar?

There’s only one solution to this mess. And it’s not escalation. We already won the war before Bush ever announced “Mission Accomplished”. Now we’re dealing with an occupation, and occupations only end in two ways: withdrawal or annexation. It’s time to withdraw. We can’t stop this civil war and we shouldn’t be chaperoning it. We already made a huge mess in Iraq and we are incapable of fixing it. So it’s time to take our hat out of the ring. Hopefully tensions will decrease as United States troops decrease. The Iraqi people already overwhelming support US withdrawal in nationwide polls; why not just give them what they and we want and leave?

One Response to “Iraq: Do we even care anymore?”

  1. Cyde Weys Says:

    By the way, does anyone else feel especially disheartened at how institutions of learning are being targeted? These lunatics seem to want a return to the Stone Age. I guess I can see why: without education, there is nothing to challenge religion.