Tis the opinion column writing season again

My first column of the semester comes out on Friday, and so if you’ve read my post about working as a columnist for The Diamondback, you’d know that means that I wrote my column earlier today. I wrote on the subject of the University of Maryland’s lack of future dormitory construction projects. The housing wait list is very long, yet the funding request for the only new dorm on the horizon was turned down last year. If UMD doesn’t get the housing situation fixed soon, it’s going to be facing some serious issues down the road attracting students, because, by-and-large, students these days want to live on campus, and if a university has a shortage of on campus housing, that isn’t attractive. The column will be published in print and online on Friday, so I’ll post a link to it on this blog then.

This column actually took a little bit longer to write than usual. I am a bit out of practice, and I have been adapting to a more informal tone that I’ve been using on this blog. Not even being able to use contractions took a little bit of a mental reconfiguration. I went through several partial rewrites on the column, including lots of shuffling around of content to get everything to flow smoothly, but in the end, I’m very happy with how it turned out.

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