Meteorology requires fun names

Why is it that meteorologists always seem to have cool and/or interesting names? It’s like the primary qualification for picking a television meteorologist is the name. If your name is “Tom Smith” and you try to get into TV weather reporting, I’m pretty sure you’d have to change your name to have a hope of succeeding. Here in the DC area, meteorology on ABC’s local program is handled by a guy named Topper Shutt. Topper Shutt! Just try to think of a more appropriate weatherman name. I dare you. Okay, “Stormy Doppler” is cheating. You can’t do that.

3 Responses to “Meteorology requires fun names”

  1. Kelly Martin Says:

    “Stormy Doppler” sounds like a porn name to me.

  2. Darmok Says:

    I always thought “Wolf Blitzer” was cool name (yes, I know, he’s not a meteorologist.

  3. Cyde Weys Says:

    Kelly: Very perceptive. Obviously Doppler comes from Christian Doppler, inventor of the Doppler effect. But yes, Stormy does come from the pornstar Stormy Daniels (sorry, no link, I just saw the name somewhere in a recent article about porn choosing HD-DVD over Blu-ray and it stuck in my mind). Put it together and you have Stormy Doppler, which is an interesting name because it sounds like a porn star and because it’s a great meteorologist name.

    Darmok: It’s very hard to believe that’s his real name, but yep, it is! He was born to be a warcaster (war newscaster).