Space drama

Words fail me. A United States astronaut (a recent astronaut, who last flew on Discovery in June 2006) has been arrested for battery and attempted kidnapping of a woman who was the third vertex in a love triangle involving, get this, a male astronaut. This is mind-boggling. You should read the story for yourself. I guess even the smartest people, the ones we trust with billions of dollars worth of hardware, can end up doing some incredibly stupid things. These alleged crimes weren’t just heat of the moment, either. They were pre-meditated, and the female astronaut had even been using adult diapers so she didn’t have to make stops during the long drive from Houston to Orlando to attempt to perpretrate the kidnapping. To be fair, this isn’t as weird as it sounds, as astronauts do train to be able to void in their spacesuits, so I’m sure the adult diapers were a perfectly natural idea for the astronaut.

The saddest thing is that she’s nigh-guaranteed to lose the opportunity to ever go into space again, and all over some guy who was already in a relationship with someone else. You have to keep your priorities in the correct order. At least for me, going into space is number one on my list of things I hope to do.

Update: It looks like they’re bringing out the first degree attempted murder charges. Yeouch.

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