Maryland does well in computer science degrees

A professor in the CS department here at University of Maryland, College Park pointed me to a very interesting bulletin from the Computer Research Association. It ranks universities by how many CS degrees they are granting per year. After factoring out the meaningless online schools like University of Phoenix, DeVry, and Strayer College, Maryland schools take the top three positions! Seriously! It goes in the order of University of Maryland University College (UMUC), University of Maryland College Park (UMCP), and University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). UMUC is a college aimed at “working adults”, meaning most of its classes are at night. Its campus is adjacent to UMCP, so I’m driving by it all the time on the way to classes at UMCP. Unlike UMCP, UMUC is strictly educational-for-profit and doesn’t do any research.

UMCP and UMBC, however, are both legitimate research institutions. I’m about to complete the CS program at UMCP and I have friends who are about to complete the CS program at UMBC, and I can without qualification that these are serious computer science programs. They’re not like the “We’ll teach you Word and HTML and call it computer science” programs that Strayer and DeVry have, for instance. I’m very impressed to see Maryland schools ranked so highly and I never would have guessed it, but there it is. Maryland is definitely one of the places to go for anyone looking for education in computer science.

I’ve included the rankings chart below the fold.

Rankings of CS graduates per school

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