Go Al!

Al Franken has officially announced that he is running for the position of U.S. Senator from Minnesota. Go Al! I kind of wish I lived in Minnesota now, so that I could vote for him. He’s exactly the kind of person we need in politics: comedians. And I’m not particularly joking. There’s a deep cynicism that comics have that serves politicians really well. Plus, I don’t particularly trust the motives of career politicians, so if someone comes into politics after a career of something else, be it writing, comedy, or even prostitution, I still feel that it’s better than someone who already has a long career in politics.

I used to listen to Al Franken’s radio show on Air America two summers ago. Back when I actually had the free time to do such things. And I definitely think he’ll be a good Senator. I know PZ Myers is going to be happy about this!

Update: Al Franken now has a great video up on YouTube. He relates personal anecdotes about how the government has helped his family in the past, and how that’s how he wants the government to operate in the future.

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