Why I’m not excited about Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows Vista has been out long enough for all of us to get some perspective on it. The over-optimistic sales forecasts are in the past and it’s settling in for the long haul. Make no mistake, in the long run, you don’t have any choice about eventually using Vista, just as, say, using Windows 98 wasn’t really a viable choice a year ago versus using Windows XP. All new computers are going to be coming with Vista (unless you get a Mac or choose Linux), so you’ll end up using it eventually. But you should hold off from upgrading until absolutely necessary. Vista has a lot of downsides.

For one, I previously commented on how Vista has draconian Digital Rights Management in an age when most companies are moving away from DRM. But Vista is also rather expensive, especially if you want all of the cool stuff that really makes Vista worthwhile. That article lists lots of other problems with Vista, and recommends against upgrading.

Microsoft also oversold Vista’s security. The Register has an article detailing Vista’s new security features and identifying possible future flaws. Basically, Vista still doesn’t do as good of a job of compartmentalizing system stuff from user stuff as, say, ten-year-old Unix. So we’re inevitably going to continue to see Windows security flaws far into the future. Sigh. It could have been much better.

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