YouTube’s failures

CNet is carrying an insightful article on five ways that YouTube is failing. The analysis is pretty dead on. Basically, back when Google bought up YouTube, we all thought there’d be some big improvements on the way. But they failed to materialize. YouTube is still the same as ever: a large collection of amateur videos and ripped-off commercial videos. That’s it. They haven’t signed any new distribution deals, and in fact, they lost the distribution deal they had with CBS and Viacom. YouTube is still #1, but it won’t last long. The other services are catching up quickly, and they are offering improved features and distribution deals that make them more attractive than YouTube.

If I had to place a bet, I would say that YouTube is going to be dethroned, and Joost is replace it. Joost has everything going for it. It was created by the duo who brought us both Kazaa and Skype. Talk about a proven track record in Internet innovation! It already has distribution deals signed with some major companies and many more are interested. Also, its infrastructure is a lot more robust: it’s more peer-to-peer than YouTube, which is simply client/server. And finally, Joost is focusing more on being “Television over Internet”, rather than YouTube, which is mainly focused on being “Random video clips over Internet”. It’s a huge difference, and it definitely works in Joost’s favor.

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