A Supreme Commander expansion is in the works

See the second to last question in this interview with Chris Taylor, creator of Total Annihilation and Supreme Commander: an expansion pack to Supreme Commander is in the works. Now I really don’t suspect this is going to take anyone by surprise, as Total Annihilation had two expansion packs, and expansion packs are pretty much a gimme for any successful game. The expansion is likely to have all of the usual suspects: more units, more maps, another campaign, etc.

Critically, I hope the expansion has more Tech III units, as there are only two per faction right now (an all-purpose assault bot and heavy mobile artillery), which seriously lacks variety. I don’t really even use the Tech II units much because the Tech III units can be made very soon after Tech II. The Tech III assault bots are too all-purpose and powerful. I would really like to see more variety that would make other types of armies more viable in the end game.

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Update 2007-11-14: The expansion has been released, its name is Forged Alliance, and you can read a lot more about it at Supreme Commander Talk.

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