Lethal kites in Pakistan

Pakistan is probably the only nation in the world that can manage to kill 11 people during a kite-flying celebration. The deaths were from the usual suspects — running a kite into power lines and people falling off of rooftops — as well as the unusual suspects, such as falling ammunition, stray bullets, and presumable decapitations/slit throats by razor-sharp kite strings.

Come again? you may ask of that last piece. Apparently kite-fighting is a sport. The goal is to slice your opponent’s kite’s string, thus severing their control over their kite, while keeping your own kite’s string intact. To do this, people have been known to apply razor blades or sharpened glass fragments to their kite strings, or just use razorwire as the kite string in the first place. Understandably, this dangerous practice is outlawed, but it didn’t stop 700 people from being arrested for using dangerous kite strings.

I’m just having some serious problems comprehending why certain less-industrialized (and generally Muslim) countries suffer dozens of deaths per year from falling ammunition fired in celebration. At least here in America we have the NRA, and they train their members in proper firearms safety. But in some other countries, like Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, they discharge their firearms randomly up into the air? Where in the hell did they get the idea that that was okay?!

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