Kudos to Microsoft on Office 2007

I never thought I’d say this, but … kudos to Microsoft. Office 2007 is an excellent product. I was trying to use OpenOffice to put a thesis paper together and the images just weren’t working, so I switched over to Word 2007. The difference was truly night and day. You can just tell a lot of work was put into this product. It’s so … efficient. The new menu bars are a huge improvement. I can see why it would be worth several hundred dollars per license to a corporation (though I couldn’t personally justify the expense).

The one thing I don’t like about Office 2007 is that it crashed on me twice in under an hour of work. Twice! OpenOffice has never crashed on me. What’s with the instability? At least Microsoft seems to have succumbed to the philosophy of “If we can’t fix crashes, we can at least make them painless.” Crashes in Word 2007 are painless. It automatically realizes that it’s crashed, shuts itself down, restarts itself, and recovers the document you were working on. So you don’t actually lose any work, it’s just really annoying.

C’mon Microsoft, fix the crashing issues and you’ll have a near-perfect product.

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