Getting overtaken by my own blog

The new blog that I started just a few days ago with my friend, Supreme Commander Talk, is already getting as many daily visits as Cyde Weys Musings, which is four months old now. Yes, I chalk most of that up to my high-visibility posts in the official game forums. But, still, I’ve put a lot more work into this blog, and look at how easily it is surpassed. Sigh. Don’t worry, I’m not going to stop writing here or anything. It’s just clear that single-topic blogs are a lot more popular than personal blogs that try to cover a wide variety of topics, as I theorized earlier. Plus, it’s a lot easier to promote a single-topic blog than a random personal blog: just go to the central community.

If any of you bloggers are trying to get a wider readership, I would suggest taking your current blog and severely narrowing its focus, or alternatively, start a separate blog. The tighter the focus, the better; as long as there are enough people interested in that topic anyway. For instance, a Supreme Commander blog works because the game has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. A blog about collecting wedding cake topper miniatures, though, probably wouldn’t be as successful. One problem, though, is that a Supreme Commander blog, by its very nature, has a programmed-in half-life. The community right now is almost as large as it’ll ever be. Soon enough it’ll begin its inexorable decline, to the point that, a few years from now, the community may slip below the sustainability threshold and largely disappear altogether. Thus Supreme Commander Talk has a planned obsolescence of a few years, whereas I could pretty much continue writing Cyde Weys Musings indefinitely, so long as I’m alive, anyway.

3 Responses to “Getting overtaken by my own blog”

  1. David Gerard Says:

    I’ll add this to and we’ll see if that trolls enough readers for you ;-)

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    Well, if you do, make sure to grab the RSS feed for the Wikipedia category, because I write about a fair number of other things that wouldn’t be relevant on that comboblog.

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