My blog has become a man

This blog has finally exceeded a comments:posts ratio of 1:1. That means, on average, each post has been commented on slightly more than once. Now, granted, about half of those comments are me, because I tend to respond to everything people say, but still … I’m happy. The ratio is only going to continue to go up. It was very low at the beginning, when the blog was just getting started and I didn’t have a lot of readers. Now my posts regularly get commented on. Maybe I should keep a rolling 30-day comments:posts ratio average.

My other blog, Supreme Commander Talk, is already at a ratio of 2.3:1. D’oh. That one got started a lot more quickly than this one did, let’s put it that way.

Actually, now I’m not so sure if the post title is accurate. Does my blog only become a man once its comments:posts ratio exceeds 13?

One Response to “My blog has become a man”

  1. Vreenak Says:

    I’ve never been good at math but I look at it this way – are you a man? And if this blog is about you then it should be a man to. Unless you have a little women inside you screaming to get out. Let’s not go there this early in our acquaintanceship though.