Pushing back the cold

The furnace in this house is currently broken. These past few days the indoor temperature has been around 55-60F. The landlord is supposed to be coming by this weekend to fix it, but who knows. In the meantime, we suffer. I’ve had to wear a jacket around indoors a few times, and blankets are proving very helpful to wrap myself up in.

Luckily, I can keep my room warm enough simply by closing the door. See, these two computers that I have running output a significant amount of heat. During the summer months when that makes it too hot in here, it’s a bad thing; but during the winter when the heat is broken, it’s a nice thing. I also have a third computer in reserve, ready to turn on in case I need any more heat. So I guess becoming a compsci guy was a good decision. If nothing else, it’s helping me stay warm when everyone else in the house is freezing their butts off (they only have laptops, poor unfortunate souls).

Now, though, those Citgo/Venezuela low cost heating oil for poor people PR ads are taking on a whole different meaning to me. I’m watching them and thinking, “Yeah, I could go for some of that.”

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