HostMonster doesn’t allow the hosting of BitTorrent trackers

I’m hosting my new blog, Supreme Commander Talk, with HostMonster. For only $8 a month (to get the $6/month they advertise you have to pre-pay two years in advance), it’s been a pretty good deal. I had one extended issue with downtime the day after I started hosting there and one smaller thirty minute incident when the host my site was on rebooted, but that was about it. I guess I would recommend it to other people. Just don’t expect 99.9% reliability like they claim.

Yesterday I looked into setting up a legitimate BitTorrent tracker as a part of Supreme Commander Talk. Supreme Commander players could use it to host their mods, replays, videos, custom maps, etc. I say legitimate because I’m really trying to support the game, and so any illegal content, like a rip of the game itself, would be banned. But unfortunately, HostMonster won’t let me run a tracker. Everything in the installation process goes smoothly, including running the tracker itself. It’s just that their Apache is configured to drop all files from HTTP POSTs that contain .torrent files. So, the tracker will run, but you can’t upload any torrent to the tracker, so it never has anything to track. Thanks HostMonster. I actually spent a bit of time debugging this trying to figure out what in the world was going on. Needless to say, service providers are very quick to say what they do offer and very hesitant to say what they prohibit. I was actually only able to figure this out through a forum posting by someone else with the same problem; HostMonster doesn’t seem to list this restriction anywhere on their site.

Ah well, I suppose I understand why they did it. There are lots of illegitimate torrent sites out there, and they don’t want to run any sort of legal risk. But still, BitTorrent is just a protocol for transferring files, and is used legitimately for such purposes as distributing Linux ISOs, and, hopefully one day, an easy way for Supreme Commander fans to share their created content with others.

3 Responses to “HostMonster doesn’t allow the hosting of BitTorrent trackers”

  1. thedude Says:

    It’s unfortunate that host monster won’t let you put up a tracker for legit content but you can still get a torrent going. Upload the file to your site and create the tracker by going to

    Bittorrent hosts the tracker and your site behaves as the seeder – pretty much the same way as you would have set it up except you would link to the bittorrent site rather than distributing the torrent yourself.

  2. bob Says:

    just rename the files to something else for storing… such as .tor,
    then when user downloads, they just add “rent” to the filename

  3. KedaiHost Says:

    Nice information, thanks…
    But Plz fix your RSS Feed, I can not open in my chrome browser…