The pleasure of choice

I am gifted with the pleasure of choice right now, and it is making me very happy. Let me explain.

About a month ago I seriously started my job search. I sent my resume in to lots of different companies, including some companies that I’d really rather not work for; it was simply a matter of having contingencies. I absolutely did not want to be stuck graduating in May with nothing to do, and being forced to do another whole round of searching and interviewing.

I recently got two very nice job offers that have gifted me with the pleasure of choice. I no longer have to follow up on every little lead and go to interviews for companies that I’d rather not work for. I’m simply turning them down now. I’m ignoring every offer or request for a follow-up interview that is worse than both of my current job offers. It’s great. I can actually now afford to be picky about which companies I continue negotiating with; if it doesn’t work with them, hey, I still have a great job offer open!

So I’m really now just focusing on the Googles and the Microsofts of the computing world (take that as literally as possible). Unless I get an offer from one of them, I’m just going to take one of the two offers I already have on the table. Because I really don’t want to go out and interview for yet another military industrial complex subcontractor in the middle of nowhere.

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