Gore 2008?

I am more excited than a furry at a pet convention. All indications seem to be that Al Gore is ramping up a campaign to run for president in 2008. I’ve long thought Gore was the best candidate the Democratic Party could field in this upcoming election. I have some problems with the electability of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (not having anything to do with race or gender, surprisingly). My favorite candidate thus far has been John Edwards, who has a nice populist streak and seems to have the best chance in the general election. But Gore would be an even better candidate than Edwards, for many reasons. He has higher name recognition, polling shows that more people like him, and his views more closely align with mine. I am excited at the prospects of a Gore candidacy. Maybe we could get some real solutions for global warming implemented.

They say you can know a lot about a person simply by meeting them in person. On the campaign trail in Los Angeles in 2000, I met the man in person, very briefly, nothing more than a handshake and some words like “Nice meeting you.” He came off as totally different than what the media were vilifying him for back then (they claimed he was uninterested and boring). They were totally wrong then, and after the passion about solving global warming we’ve all been exposed to now, I don’t think anyone will be able to get away with the same stupid jabs.

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