What the eff is wrong with the South?

Can someone please, for the love of God, explain to me why a public high school in Georgia is racially integrating its prom for the first time? Wasn’t this kind of nonsense supposed to be over at the end of the Civil Rights era? Who even knew that integration had continued to this day in public schools in the Deep South? How in the hell did they even organize “white Proms” and “black Proms” anyway? Was there a penalty if you showed up at the Prom of the wrong race? And what about all those other ethnicities, like the Mexicans and Asians? Which prom did they go to? This whole thing is ludicrous. The only glimmer of hope in all of this insanity is that the practice is finally over.

One Response to “What the eff is wrong with the South?”

  1. arensb Says:

    the practice is finally over.

    Except, of course, for the gay prom.