Anti-global warming party

My friend, who is very Catholic, went to an “anti-global warming party” over the weekend hosted by his ultraneoconservative zealot friends from the Catholic Student Union. My friend considers himself somewhat of an environmentalist. Obviously, judging by the type of party his friends hosted, they don’t. Not believing in global warming is one thing (that being ignoring all of the scientific evidence), but actively setting out to harm the Earth is quite another. That’s what these idiots at the party did.

The only cups used at the party were Styrofoam, and attendees made a point of throwing away cups frequently and using new ones on a per-drink basis. They ran the air conditioner at full blast and left all of the doors and windows open to the hot spring night. They even went so far as to buy a bunch of aerosol spray products (hairspray? who knows) and used them incessantly. I guess they’re so busy ignoring science that they missed the part about how it was CFCs that damaged the ozone layer, and that they’ve been highly restricted in the United States for decades (and certainly aren’t used in aerosol sprays).

But here’s the clincher. My friend went to the party with a large trash bag, intent on recycling all of the beer bottles to at least make some saving grace for Mother Earth. They had none of it. He got drunk, and as drunk people are wont to do, he lost track of things, including the bag full of bottles. So one of his “friends” threw it away just to spite him for the high crime of recycling.

To be honest, I didn’t even believe that such an idiotic event could take place upon first hearing about it, but yes, it did happen. These people are so in bed with the ultraneoconservative “global warming is a hoax” crock that they intentionally set out to destroy the environment on Earth Day. Granted, the impact of their juvenile actions was insignificant on a large scale. And I’m sure they’ll probably regret their insipid stunt after they see their electric bills.

Running the air conditioner into the outside air is one thing. Dumping barrels full of industrial waste lead into a local stream would be quite another. I wonder if any of them are so blinded by stupidity that they would do such a thing? Do they really have the guts to go through with causing serious destruction of the environment, or were they just protesting Earth Day in the lamest manner possible?

2 Responses to “Anti-global warming party”

  1. Brad Arnold Says:

    If you don’t know what hydrate is, you don’t understand global warming:

    Hydrate contains twice the carbon of all fossil fuel, and whereas fossil fuel needs to be burned to emit GHG, hydrate needs only to melt.

    Briefly, carbon in the soil is “eaten” by microbes, and in the absence of oxygen the microbes emit methane (CH4). Some of that methane gets trapped in ice called hydrate.

    There is about 400 billion tons of methane trapped in permafrost hydrate (20% of the land on earth is permafrost). 50% of the surface permafrost is expected to melt by 2050, and over 90% by 2100.

    A release of less than 30 billion tons of methane would be like doubling the CO2 in the air.

    Worse, there is an estimated 10,000 billion tons of methane hydrate under the ocean. Substantial quantities of this has melted before with catastrophic results (55 million years ago-the PETM ushered in the Age of Mammals, and 250 million years ago-the “Great Dying” killed most life on earth).

    In other words, the carbon cycle has been upset before (possibly by volcanic eruptions), causing a chain reaction. Mankind’s GHG emissions are over 30 times stronger a trigger than past severe runaway global warming events. This means the chain reaction will happen sooner, unfold faster, and therefore be much, much more severe.

  2. C.A.B. Says:

    I believe that this is a hoax too.
    This global warming is really global climate change.
    Its colder in the winters and hotter in the summers not just warming.
    It even snowed in texas so dont tell me this is warming.
    For four years in a row back at my place we’ve had icestorms every year.
    We loose electric and half freeze to death. And it gets worse every year.
    There is no climate change.