This site has moved

I’ve moved this site over from one of my personal servers to my paid hosting service. The server that was previously running this site is going offline permanently; it is being replaced by a server that I had colocated at the University, but since I’m graduating soon, that arrangement was going to end sooner or later, so I chose to end it now. Anyway, the old server was hosted off of a residential cable connection whereas the hosting service (the same one running my other blog, Supreme Commander Talk) has a much nicer connection. So you should see faster connection speeds, faster page rendering, and especially, better uptime. I simply cannot run a server as well as professionals with staff on alert 24/7 and a monster net connection.

So if anything has gone wrong during the move between servers, please do tell. I think I got everything though. You don’t need to update bookmarks or anything, as all of the changes should be transparent.

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