Google gets into the automobile game

Google announces it will fund development and marketing of plug-in hybrid cars to the tune of $10 million. This is a great thing Google is doing (though admittedly a bit outside of their usual realm of activity). Do-it-yourself plug-in conversion kits for extant hybrid cars have been around for awhile now, but to really crack this oil problem, we need to have cars coming from the factory with the capability. I’m glad Google realizes this and that they’re doing something to help.

Now I just wish the car companies would get off their ass and do what’s right. The automobile manufacturers seem to be in revolt against electric cars. I don’t know if it’s their collusion with the oil manufacturers or what, but they really don’t like the idea of electric cars. Notice how GM unceremoniously killed off its line of electric cars, and other companies that do have hybrids on the market, like Ford, Toyota, and Honda, could easily add a simple socket to their hybrids, but don’t.

In contrast to Google, the automobile manufacturers are showing precious little foresight. Peak Oil is just around the corner (maybe we’ve already hit it?), and car companies are going to have a hell of a time trying to sell vehicles that run on prohibitively expensive fuel. The sooner they get around to making vehicles that run on electricity, the better.

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