The MMORPG makers are onto me

The MMORPG makers are after me with a vengeance. After my recent post questioning whether MMORPG makers were screwing up by making their games too addicting (and thus reducing the likelihood that someone who finally stopped playing one would go on to play another), I got hit with not one but two MMORPG ads on this very site through Google AdSense:

MMORPGs being advertised on Cyde Weys Musings

But this isn’t even the worst. Two weeks ago, I received in the mail a ten day free trial DVD of World of WarCraft: The Burning Crusade. After a full two years of not playing the game, my address was still in their system and they tried to offer me a free hit (almost like a drug dealer) to get me back as a regular paying customer. I must admit, it is tempting. I am kind of wondering what things are like on the old server I used to play on, and if anyone I knew is still playing.

From what I understand, characters aren’t deleted when accounts expired, so my old character should still be around. Logging in and running around with him in the game would be funny. He’d be a living relic, terribly underpowered because all of his gear is two years old. It’s not that weapons and armor deteriorate over time, it’s just that they are hit with a serious power creep over time. The quality of equipment I used to go on many-hour dungeon raids for is now crap, worse than random common items that now drop off monsters in the higher level zones. I wonder if I charge admission to have people look at my now-crappy equipment and reminisce back to the good old days, when the game was just starting?

But I shall resist. I have no intention of going back. But I do find it interesting how badly they are going after former customers. I guess they figure the best way to get more customers is to just rope in old ones, kind of like cigarette manufacturers marketing towards people who have quit.

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