How to marry the ultra-rich

Money Magazine has a hysterical but fascinating guide on how to meet and marry a billionaire (because millionaires are just so passé). I love the advice, too. It’s like a gold digger’s condensed Bible. It tells you to expand your horizons by considering potential heirs of the super-rich, including children and ex-spouses. The best way to meet an uber rich person, apparently, is at the workplace, so Money suggests getting an MBA. Or, failing that, get into the high class consumption industry, i.e. be the real estate agent that sells that million dollar house to the uber rich.

And the article just keeps going and going. Go to art exhibitions, it says. The uber rich have lots of bare expanses of wall that need covering with something. It has advice on joining charities, not because you care about the charitable causes, but just because rich people tend to be involved in them and that’d be a good way to meet them. Oy vey. There are even “life trainers” you can pay who will give you advice on how to get married by a multimillionaire. Come on!

Of course, the article fails to mention the two most important factors involved in marrying a billionaire: being born into a patrician family and being incredibly good-looking. I guess they failed to mention these because you don’t have any control over them (mostly). Of course, the best way to get rich isn’t to marry into wealth; it’s to become rich on your own through hard work. Or is that attitude just too old-fashioned?

2 Responses to “How to marry the ultra-rich”

  1. llywrch Says:

    No, the reason why “marrying a millionaire” is no longer cool is — inflation. A million dolllars doesn’t buy as much as it used to, in the days where the interest from a single million provided enough income to comfortably live on. (This was the case as late as the 1970s, IIRC.)

    Nowadays, if you own your house free & clear, have an adequately-funded retirement fund, have a rainy-day fund to cover emergencies, carry no credit-card or other personal debt, chances are quite good that you are worth a million dollars — which is why the first two categories are usually omitted from magazine surveys about personal wealth. Such millionaires are very common: one of my best friends qualifies (& he has admitted that he couldn’t afford medical coverage if his longterm girlfriend/newly-married wife didn’t get it thru her employer), & so does my ex-brother-in-law the farmer (a case of being land-rich & frugal).

    I’ve read that the hardest way to make money is to marry it, so if you’re attractive & willing to work hard, why not adjust your sights upwards based on inflation?


  2. Will (green) Says:

    I don’t think that advice is really old-fashioned. I mean, what do they call the “oldest profession on earth”?