Prescient BBS posting regarding oppressive governments and terrorism

My friend sent me this old manifesto he dug up from a long time ago today and it was so apt I just had to post it. He recalls downloading it from a BBS sometime in the year 1994. The essay is by a group calling themselves the “Underground eXperts United”. It reads like anarchist paper literature, except this was out and breeding on the web, and is chillingly accurate regarding terrorism and the state’s response to it. You almost can’t help but think “Yeah, that happened” as you go through reading it. So here it is:

Underground eXperts United


[ Terror Will Strike ] [ By The GNN ]


by THE GNN/DualCrew-Shining/uXu

si vis pacem, para bellum if you want peace, arm for war

This essay is based upon a non-critical empirical study of the actual
world, hence it is free from ideological and individual ideas. What I
present is not normative statements, it is humble facts of the society.
This is a deterministic theory, I do not believe that there is any chance
of avoiding this development.

I cannot be blamed.

The population that inhabits the free democratic world does not fancy the
present situation. There is a common expression that ‘something is wrong’.
Exactly what is wrong is hard to define. The reason for this is based upon
intuitive feelings, and intuitive feelings are often hard to get a grip of.
But the feeling is there which makes it real.

People want to change the world into something better. Naturally, such a
desire is hard to fulfill. The wall between our present society and the
improved one is thick and hard to penetrate. The fear of standing out of
the crowd rules the people, even if the crowd shares the same apprehension.
The situation does not improve when one realizes that the invisible
force, namely ‘the state’ will do everything to crush movements that shouts
for revolution. ‘The state’ used to be built upon the people of the
society, but quickly separated itself and turned into a independent power
that works against the people.

Everything is painfully static, the devils status quo.

The people do not dare to confront the state, because they are afraid
of the power. This is understandable, the power of the state consists in
hellish institutions like the police, the military, the punishments and the
public disgrace. The state will not hesitate to strike these hard clubs
into the heads of those who tries to debate.

But the status quo will not last forever. There will be a painful moment
in time when everything will undergo changes. Everybody believe that
action against the State is impossible. Since everybody believe that,
nothing happens. The change will hence be up to only a few creative
people, which makes the situation even worse – how can a small amount of
people create any changes when a large population cannot?
Because these people will not attack the State. They will attack the
population. Terror will strike.

What will become the result of such a rampage against the oppressed
population? At first, the population will turn to the State and demand
protection. The State will comply, since this is a dream coming through
for it. Why? Because it means that the State can pump out more police
men, more power and more night sticks, all in the beautiful interest of the
dumb population.
The police will try to stop the terror.

This turns out to be a real problem. The State will notice that this is
actually quite a hard task to complete. Terror will continue to strike,
the population demands more force to the State and the State will increase
its power. The State is aware that it must stop the terror, it must show
the population that the power it has gained is not worthless. Because if
it turned out to be worthless, the population would turn against the State.
The population would take back the force that it has given to the State,
and this is something the State cannot accept. The State needs the force
that the population has given its agreement to.

The State cannot stop the terror, so it needs even more force. The
population gives the State this force, so the terror can be stopped. But
the terror cannot be stopped and the state will not return the gained
force. It wants to keep it but it knows that it must stop the terror. So,
the State must rule supreme – it turns itself into a police state.

A police state will be too much for the population. The terrorists will
be forgotten, since they have now achieved what they looked for. The
population will concentrate on killing the State. The status quo will
break completely, the masses will rise against the dragon and put a sword
into its heart. No force can stop the population at this point.

From this brutal war, a new society will arise. This society will
inhabit a population who demands protection. They will form a State. The
State will sooner or later separate itself from the population and form a
independent power.
Status quo.

Over and over again.

“A trapped bird feels free if it has been trapped all
its life. If the bird suddenly is set free it realizes
“Hey, THIS is freedom! How come I have not understood
that earlier?”. How come? Once you expand your freedom
you cannot go back to a trapped state and feel free again.
When will the human race free itself from its chains and
understand real freedom? When will the human race
understand that it is trapped in a small cage with a
possible way out? When will the human race DARE to step
through that possible way out?”

(uXu file no 128)

If you want peace, arm for war.
Justified beliefs available at THE STASH +46-13-HEHHEHHEH

Clash of the Titans.

uXu #231 Underground eXperts United 1994 uXu #231
Call THE TRUTH SAYER’S DOMAIN -> +1-210-493-9975

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  1. The GNN Says:

    How I heard about this post? Well, now and then I google my old nick “The GNN” and “Underground eXperts United” to see if anyone is reading my old files.

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