Chex Quest – the best cereal promotion ever

Chex Quest screenshotOne favorite way cereal makers have of marketing to kids is including goodies in the box. There have been all sorts of goodies packaged into cereals over time, including little toys, Pogs, spoons, etc. But with the coming of the digital age we saw the advent of even better goodies: digital applications packaged on CD-ROM. And the best such goodie I remember was a game called Chex Quest, released in 1996, available exclusively in boxes of Chex cereal.

Chex Quest was awesome because it was essentially a re-skin of Doom, except instead of zombies shooting guns at you, there were “flemoids” shooting goo, and instead of you shooting back at them with guns, you employed an arsenal of a variety of cereal-themed weapons, such as a spoon, an electric spoon, a spinning electric spoon, and more. The game was actually good because it was based on a good game, and I remember playing through it for several hours. Talk about a good value for an add-in to a box of cereal!

Apparently, an enthusiast community built up around Chex Quest, and there’s still an actively maintained version that runs on the latest version of Windows. Not only that, it’s been updated and improved over time, adding difficulty levels and more levels to the original. It’s called The Ultimate Chex Quest, and it’s available for download, free. It doesn’t stand up very well against modern first person shooters, of course, but it’s great for anyone looking to fondly reminisce.

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