Videogame franchising run amuck: The Office videogame?!

Words nearly fail me on this one. The game development company MumboJumbo is coming out with a videogame based on the popular television comedy show The Office. It will be released for Windows, the Nintendo DS, and the Sony PSP. The only question I can think to ask is, why?!

The Office is a funny television show. I’ve seen every episode at least once, of both the British and American series. I do think it’s one of the funniest shows currently airing and I would describe myself as a fan. I should be in the target demographic for a videogame based on it. If not me, then who? But I am not at all interested, as I suspect is the norm. What exactly would a videogame based on The Office be like? The humor of the show derives from contrasting the utterly boring business of a paper supply company with the ridiculous antics that take place. The setting is as uninteresting is possible, allowing the characters to shine through. The main two sets used on the show are a cubicle-filled office and a box-filled warehouse.

So how do they make a game based on this? How can it possibly be fun while staying true to the show? What I fear most is that they’ll true to turn it into an action game, with mini-games along the lines of “See how many pallets of paper you can shelve in 60 seconds”, which is of course completely antithetical to the show (the warehouse workers are stereotypically lethargic).

It’s an established correlation in the videogame industry that nearly every game based on a movie sucks. The same is true of television shows. I really want to meet that person who watched The Office and then turned around and said, “You know what? This could be an awesome game. Let’s do it.” I bet he would have similar “inventive” takes on other matters. At the very least, I’d need to ascertain if he was indeed capable of competently conducting his side of a coherent conversation.

4 Responses to “Videogame franchising run amuck: The Office videogame?!”

  1. Torin Vlietstra Says:

    As fucking bobble head dolls? pisses me off

  2. Darmok Says:

    By way of exception, the Lord of the Rings (including the movies) has spawned a few excellent computer games.

  3. Cyde Weys Says:

    Darmok: I dunno, I suppose I would concede “good”, but not “excellent”. If you look at the meta review scores for the LotR games you’ll see that they fall into the good, not great, ranges. The LotR games still have nothing on, say, Half-Life 2 (episode 2 of which is coming out very soon).

  4. scotchtape622 Says:

    I like the LOTR games. Battle for Middle Earth II is awesome.