Debugging lethargy

Yesterday, Saturday, I woke up normally, but within an hour, I felt very lethargic. It was so bad that I wasn’t able to accomplish anything I wanted to get done during the day, including exercising and working on my NaNoWriMo novel. Luckily, I did recover enough by the end of the day to attend the meet-up with PZ Myers and Phil Plait. But it really had me worrying: why was I so lethargic?

This wasn’t a new phenomenon, either. In the past few months I’ve always been a lot more lethargic on the weekend, particularly on Saturday. I never really thought of a possible explanation, except to reason that I was worn out after a week of work. But yesterday was much worse than that. And I finally figured out why.

One of the perks at my office is the refrigerator stocked full of free drinks. So, during the day, I routinely drink Diet Cokes, probably around three to four on average. And Diet Coke has a lot of caffeine in it. My weekend lethargy coincidentally started around the same time as I started working here. You see where I’m going with this. I would drink up to four Cokes per day for five days in a row, then my body would go into shock on the sixth day (Saturday) because it was addicted to caffeine and it wasn’t getting its fix.

This weekend was particularly bad because last weekend I had an energy drink in the morning on both Saturday and Sunday, thus feeding my caffeine addiction without consciously realizing it. So that made it a full twelve days in which I consumed a large amount of caffeine daily. No wonder I crashed yesterday. The reason I never ran across this problem before is because I never drank large amounts of caffeine on such a regular basis.

The most obvious fix would simply be to bite the bullet by feeding my addiction and drinking caffeine on the weekends, which is what the large number of Americans addicted to caffeine in the form of coffee do. But I’d rather not. I simply don’t like being addicted, so I’d rather fight it than give in. Fighting it will be simple; I’ll simply switch over to the caffeine free Diet Coke in the refrigerator at work. Such a simple change, but with such important consequences! I’ll finally reclaim my Saturdays!

But I will miss the taste of regular Diet Coke. I don’t know if anything in the formulation between the two is different besides the lack of caffeine, but that alone is a huge difference. Drinking a regular Coke is nice because you’re getting caffeine along with a huge sugar rush. Drinking a regular Diet Coke is still awesome because you’re still getting another hit of a drug you’re addicted to. Drinking a caffeine free Diet Coke is just … meh. There’s nothing in it anymore that makes it appealing. Maybe I’ll switch to water. That’s probably for the best anyway; all of those artificial sugars can’t be healthy.

One Response to “Debugging lethargy”

  1. Will (Green) Says:

    Water is my drink of choice. It’s cheap, and generally wholesome. Or at least, not too harmful.