The unabashed excitement of first snow

I can’t hide it, I love snow. Ever since I started my first website (which was over ten years ago), I’ve always made two regular seasonal posts. One was when school finished for the year (which has maybe come to an end now that I’ve graduated from university). The other post was for the first snow of the season. Well, it’s that time of year again, because Maryland is experiencing its first significant snow fall of the 2007-2008 winter today.

Snow has always had a special allure for me. During school, it represented the possibility of snowball fights, snow forts, and of course, unanticipated no school days. I remember during the blizzard of 1996 when we received a meter of snow and we had over a week off from school. That was awesome. Even though none of these things really apply to me any more, I still love the snow. Even though it made my commute a lot longer this morning. Even though I soaked my sweatshirt clearing off my car. It’s become more about reminiscing than anything else.

The first snow of the season signifies change. It’s more obvious as a signifier of the start of winter than, say, the winter solstice. Although I don’t like the shorter days, and I don’t particularly enjoy the cold, I still do like winter for some indescribable reason. Maybe it’s the desolate beauty of the season. Or all of the fond holiday memories. Whatever it is, I’m always joyous when it’s snowing. Perhaps the reason for my annual tradition of posting about the first snow of the season is to share that joy with as many others as I can.

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