A real life Stand Alone Complex emerges against Scientology

Laughing Man logoWith the recent appearance of the anti-Scientology Internet-based movement named “Anonymous” we are witnessing the emergence of the first true virtual Stand Alone Complex as envisioned in the anime series Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. Allow me to explain. First, some background on what a Stand Alone Complex is, courtesy of Wikipedia:

While originally intended to “underscore the dilemmas and concerns that people would face if they relied too heavily on the new communications infrastructure,” the concept of the Stand Alone Complex eventually came to represent a phenomenon where unrelated, yet very similar, actions of individuals create a seemingly concerted effort.

A Stand Alone Complex can be compared to the copycat behavior that often occurs after incidents such as serial murders or terrorist attacks. An incident catches the publics attention and certain types of people “get on the bandwagon”, so to speak. It is particularly apparent when the incident appears to be the result of well-known political or religious beliefs, but it can also occur in response to intense media attention. For example, a mere fire, no matter the number of deaths, is just a garden variety tragedy. However, if the right kind of people begin to believe it was arson, caused by deliberate action, the threat increases drastically that more arsons will be committed.

What separates the Stand Alone Complex from normal copycat behavior is that the originator of the copied action is not even a real person, but merely a rumored figure that commits said action. Even without instruction or leadership a certain type of person will spring into action to imitate the rumored action and move toward the same goal even if only subconsciously. The result is an epidemic of copied behavior-with no originator. One could say that the Stand Alone Complex is mass hysteria-with purpose.

In the original anime, the Stand Alone Complex emerges in the form of the Laughing Man, a mythical figure under whose banner a large variety of disparate groups and individuals launch attacks against corporations and governments, with a common unifying theme of speaking truth to power. But there was no centralized organization, nor was there even an original who set out to launch such a crusade; the concept evolved spontaneously across the Internet, led by no one person but shaped by hundreds of independent ones.

If you’ve been following the recent anti-Scientology outbreak across the Internet, this should all be sounding eerily familiar to you. It started with the release of a kooky Tom Cruise Scientology video on a public video-sharing site. The “Church” of Scientology filed a copyright claim to take it down, whereupon the Internet responded en masse, with anti-Scientology crusaders congregating on sites like Digg, Slashdot, and 4chan much like the Laughing Man fans, devotees, and emulators did in Ghost in the Shell.

Things got really ugly for Scientology. Many of their secret documents were leaked online, along with full, unedited videos of Scientology conventions and the original Tom Cruise promotional piece that sparked the whole war. Meanwhile, the “Church” responded in kind with more lawsuit threats, take-down notices, and DMCA requests. Throughout all of this, the vast loosely affiliated group of anti-Scientologists spread across Digg, 4chan, other chans, and the like, began rallying under the name “Anonymous”.

“Anonymous” began releasing ironically-named propaganda pieces and unsettling videos of dark, imposing time-lapsed clouds serving as a back-drop to threats delivered in a scratchy synthesized voice. The haunting rhythmic mantra of Anonymous, used to close every subsequent video and propaganda piece, made its debut. Yet there was no central organizational structure responsible for any of this. All of the various prongs of the attack against Scientology — the videos, the leaks, the images and essays, the meatspace protests — came from disparate peoples rallying to the war cry of a single ideal. Heck, I even registered an Anonymous account on a BitTorrent tracker — what torrents I uploaded with it, I cannot reveal.

We are thus dealing with a true Stand Alone Complex, probably the first substantive one the net has ever seen. There was no original person who launched and organized this battle, but at the same time, it’s not accurate to call everyone who is participating in it mere copycats, because they are the entirety of it. This battle will continue raging for some time, and it’s about damn time. Scientology is truly dangerous like many other cults and religions, yet their litigious nature has effectively hamstringed the news media from covering these issues (except in Germany). So it makes sense that a fluid, faceless group should take root on the Internet to oppose them. After all, the threats of lawsuits only make sense if they can actually find you to sue you. Now you understand the meaning of “Anonymous”.

So keep a look-out on February 10, when something big is supposed to happen in this war against Scientology. I’ll be watching, perhaps even participating in a way that I alone decide is apt. And how could I not? We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Update 2008-02-09: Anonymous’s war on Scientology is going very well, especially considering the disparity in sizes of the two participants.

Update 2008-02-10: With the huge wave of protests seen today, has Scientology’s day of reckoning finally arrived?

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  1. AnonJapan Says:

    Interesting perspective. I indeed recognize some Stand Alone Complex in Anonymous, especially when employees re-arrange their desks and stuff like that; and also the tendency for a few to do self-serving things in its name.

  2. Chronic Says:

    The problem is that Scientology is insidious and a danger to many people. Even if you ignore all the illegal activities they spearhead, the girl that was basically kidnapped and repeatedly sodomized daily by the top dog of the Church of Scientology, the extortion of U.S. Senators and Congressmen to place Scientologists in key government positions, More extortion of US government officials to get Tax Exemption status, frivolous litigation against anyone who speaks out against them, Conspiracy to commit murder by some of the followers, death threats sent to anyone causing the church problems, having to pay to belong to the church, etc etc etc (I could go on forever, Scientology’s history is blacker than black!) You are still left with the Jonestown feeling about the whole thing. THEY ARE A CULT!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    To paraphrase Big Boss from the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, everything has it’s beginning long before it is one. It has it’s origin from the chaos that is nothingness, or “zero”. Before long zero becomes one-hundred, then a thousand, then a million. IMO, this is the epitome of the stand alone complex. Every idea is born in the sea of chaos that is society. Anonymous represents the millions that sprang forth from zero.

  4. whatsthatagain Says:

    I think everyone who is participating in this “movement” and actually identify themselves with it are suffering from delusions of grandeur.

    There is no movement until some people wanted a movement to be there so they can identify/attach to it and feel important and empowered in return.

    In the grand scheme of things how much is “the movement” really doing, as opposed to even a cult like Scientology?

    Nothing. Pretty sad isn’t it.

    I haven’t even heard of “Anonymous” until now- More than a year after February 10th, 2008. The movement even failed to acheive a sufficient amount of infamy for a Joe off the street like me to hear, at least not on anything except a semi-obscure webpage.

    Speaking of that, this webpage is high on the search engine for SoC because people want to believe that it’s a real instance of SoC and links to it in their will to believe.

    Sounds like another cult following.

  5. Anon-Lu Says:

    It seems the topic at hand has fallen from the identified instance of a Stand Alone Complex, to a debate on naming the moral and ideological implications of Anonymous towards the movement of Scientology. The conversations of this page, and indeed of those in almost any topic of such scope, have taken on a depth that allow it to be viewed by onlookers as a direct conflict between some form of “Right” and “Wrong”. It’s come to the point of analyzing Anonymous with that same “Right” and “Wrong” perspective. Of course, those who know, realize that the “R&W” columns of society are only forged by the collective response of individuals. Therefore, could not the ideas “Right” and “Wrong” themselves be considered, both separately and and as a conceptual whole, as 3 distinct Stand Alone Complexes?

    And in that line of concept, would it be inaccurate to say that there truly never was a “Right” and “Wrong”? Taking out, of course, the concept of “Laws” imposed to keep order, which fundamentally differ and are as such separate from “R&W”. As such, “R&W” are determined, not in courtrooms and government offices, but in the minds and actions of the individuals who believe the original ideals to exist, without questioning the existence of an original, instead taking said existence for granted. Therefore, would not “R&W” themselves, being a subconscious collection of pseudo-laws spontaneously generated with no author or origin, be as true a Stand Alone Complex as any SAC could be?

  6. 89 Says:

    I’m not so sure that the sudden emergence of a movement is all that unique (an event happens, and a movement is formed out of commonly shared understannding or outrage. It is, however, one of the few movements which formed by itself online mostly by people who didn’t know each other otherwise – or even who actually did know each other either in the “real world” or in other online forums, but had no idea that the other was participating in the movement.

    Remember that when this started, the expectation for retaliation was so high that the participants behaved as cautiously as if they were participating in a crime, but that the situation normalized when it was seen to be relatively safe.

    I’d say that the first beginnings of the Anonymous vs. Scientology were a stand-alone complex more than anything I’ve seen, but that it after that turned into a more traditional activist movement.

    As for whatsthatagain, I suppose you don’t follow news about the Internet. I didn’t hear about it until after the first protest had taken place because I had little time for reading the news in the beginning of 2008. I am amazed that it is still ongoing, and just how much press coverage there has been on such varied topics.

  7. TerrorBite Says:

    One of the most common misconceptions that I see concerning Anonymous, especially in the media, is the idea that Anonymous is an organization or a “group”. Anonymous is not an organization. (If anything, it’s a disorganization.) It’s not a group, except in the general sense of a group being a collection of things, or people. For Anonymous is a label. It’s a name, and the lack of a name (since this is the whole point of anonymity). It’s more than just a label, though. It’s an idea, an ideal that people follow. You could look at it this way: Someone who is Anonymous gives up their own name and takes on the name/label of Anonymous, a name that both hides their identity, and yet identifies them as being part of the ideal.

    I believe it’s incorrect to call someone a “member of Anonymous”, since there is nothing to be a member of. There are no leaders, for a concept has no leaders. Anyone who tries to target Anonymous will find themselves shooting at fog. Anonymous is an idea in the minds of countless people (and there is no telling whether it is mere thousands, or tens of millions; I believe it’s somewhere closer to the latter), and ideas cannot be easily destroyed.

    Of course, different people have a different idea of what it means to be Anonymous, but there are common elements that everyone shares and recognises. One of the key elements is best expressed as a metaphor. Imagine a single bee. This is an individual. Now, imagine a swarm of bees. This is Anonymous. Each bee is of course unique in its own small way, but in the context of the swarm, they may as well be identical. Sacrificing individuality, they become the cells, the particles, that make up something far bigger and more powerful. And there is something else at work here, too. Those bees do not act as individuals. They act like a single larger and perhaps more intelligent being. This is the phenomenon of the Hivemind, as it is known. Anonymous is proof that such a phenomenon can exist among humans, in some form.

    So in conclusion, I believe it’s wrong to consider Anonymous an organization. It’s a mindset shared among individuals, who form part of a greater consciousness. And when you think of it in that way, it begins to raise questions like, is this consciousness thinking for itself? Is it self-aware, even if the individuals that comprise it don’t know of its existence? Does it exist on a higher plane, unable to ever communicate with the individual minds that are a part of it? Or maybe I am just taking this idea way too far, and Anonymous is simply a bunch of internet nerds with some similar ideas…

  8. TerrorBite Says:

    Wow, I have no idea from what depths of my mind that wall of text came from. What I intended to post was this:

    If, in the future, any member of Anonymous became a cyber-terrorist like The Laughing Man (see image in the post above, and/or Wikipedia), then what graphic would he choose to cover his face with? The original Laughing Man logo, in direct reference to the anime? Or something else?

    I think we’d probably see something like this: http://img39.imageshack.us/img39/8724/c5h.png

  9. Tachikoma Says:

    First time I heard of an anti scientology action, it was a desperate father, who had decided to blow himself up in a chapel of the church of scientology. Rejoice yourself, we are not there, yet.

  10. an. onymous Says:

    I wish I’d seen this article back when it was made

    very well written – and quite accurate in its describtion of how anonymous works as a stand alone complex

    one could call it Anonymous: Thetan In The Shell: SAC (or anonmous tits sac… but that sounds naughty)

    well written indeed though – as a member of the scientific community, i find good describtions of anonymous hard to come by. I may just use this as a reference or at least use the terminology in describing a SAC

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I think that while the Stand Alone Complex is an amazing phenomenon, the mechanism behind it might lead to a bleak future for society. The over-propagation of memes will lead to a stagnation of original thought. In fact, it is already happening. Have you noticed that many of the films and tv shows in the last few years have been based off of old movies, tv shows, comic books and other types of franchises? I feel that this stagnation of original thought will lead to a society of mindless drones that are easily manipulated by propaganda. In fact, that’s just what happens in 2nd Gig, when Gohda starts his own Stand Alone Complex to serve his own agenda. Jean Bauldrilard suspected this might be the case decades before the Internet, an event which he called the “Termination of History” in which the masses all become a “silent majority” due to a lack of oppositional elements in society.

  12. Pseudonymous Says:

    This is all very interesting, but I propose the question of how we all came to here to discuss this. I stumbled upon this page via a google search as an individual act out of interest and I suspect many others may of found this article in a similar fashion. If we free curious individuals accept this group “Anonymous” activity as a example of a Stand Alone Complex then what is the meaning our personal input towards this phenomena. Are we now a splinter faction of thought or a reactiontory complex to these events? While I just find interest and take no part of “Anonymous” then the only evidence I see that how they somewhat funtion as a group is the label that spawned from there activitys. By self-identification AND external-validation. We all here have a shared interest in anon, however are we still acting and identifiable as individuals until we are categorized?

    Most curious indeed…

  13. j-bone lubstylie Says:

    All i have to say is in a few words that i do hope get’s my point across. Scientologists are FUCKING STUPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubbard wrote Dianetics (the Scientology equivalent of the Christian Bible as far as I can tell) as a joke just to see how many idiots could and would be duped into believing something that (in Hubbard’s mind and heart) was just a bunch of bullshit wrapped in to something that looks, walks, and talks like something that will show you Enlightenment. Now I’m not saying that any other faith is better than the other because i think “THE TRUTH” is in our past and we are in the middle, as a race, of reconstructing the past to events that happened before the the bible even and shedding the mystics and mythologies in the legends of such books of faith by waddling through the religious worship bullshit and getting through to the historical aspect of the writings and why and how they were put on those pages. “THE TRUTH” IS NOT OUT OF A BOOK OR FAITH CREATED BY A GUY WHO IS STILL LAUGHING HIS FACE AND ASS OFF FROM THE GRAVE AT EVERY RELIGIOUS PERSON IN THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY THOSE WHO FOLLOW WHAT HE CREATED AS THE BIGGEST JOKE OF HIS ENTIRE CAREER AS AN AUTHOR. SCIENTOLOGISTS ARE FUUUUUUUUUUUUCKIIIIIIIING STUUUUUUUUUUPIIIIIIIIIID!!!!!!!!!!! DIANETICS AND IT’S AUTHOR LOOK AT EVERY SCIENTOLOGIST AND SEE A FOOL FOR THE TAKING WITH A SMIRK.

  14. EN Says:

    It’s a shame I didn’t see this back when it wasn’t a past event, at least I assume it’s a past event and nothing is still really going on. I’ve been rather cut off from technology for awhile, so I’ve missed a lot. But I came across this actually looking for a written definition of a stand alone complex. I’ve been watching the anime series more or less on repeat. And I had just read about Scientology out of curiosity, so this immediately sparked my interest. I find this truly fascinating. I’d call this a real life SAC, and out of curiosity, I hope the battle isn’t over, so to speak. I’d like to have more to see. I haven’t seen something so thought provoking in awhile.

    By the way, my view on Scientology is that it makes about as much sense as most other religions I’ve seen. I see the threat that’s present though, whether it will ever amount to anything or not. The Catholic church more or less ruined great kingdom’s in the middle ages, so history has proven that any organization with power, church, government, or otherwise, has the potential to do as much damage as it does to help. But I’ve also seen that most people tend to just want to line their own pockets, so it doesn’t seem likely that any organization will ever help as much as they hurt. So why is anon specifically against the CoS and not branching out further? This may have been answered before, but as I’ve said, I’ve been quite disconnected for awhile.

  15. Not A Nexus Fan Says:

    The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Scientology: The Nexus Conspiracy

    Retort to Duncan Roads Nexus magazine editorials of, 1) Volume 2, #27 August-September 1995; and, 2) Volume 17, No. 4, June-July 2010.

    “Who is ‘behind’ NEXUS?” The answer to that is easy-it’s God! On a more mundane level, though, Catherine and I own NEXUS-no organisation, no committees,
    no other shareholders, no political leanings or affiliations and no religious leanings or affiliations. It is a business that we believe in!”
    (Editorial from Nexus magazine – Volume 2, #27 August-September 1995).

    The Nexus Statement of Purpose ends with the sentence: “NEXUS is not linked to any religious, philosophical or political ideology or organisation.”

    These are not just lies. They are a conspiracy of liars, or, the Nexus Conspiracy.

    The Nexus Conspiracy against Australian democracy and Christian religion exists on many levels across several degrees of culpability, trespassing well into the arena of treason.

    The first of Duncan Roads’ lies relates to his link with a religious organisation / cult, the Church of Scientology, (CoS), based in America and run by American, David Miscavige.
    Roads’ wife, Catherine Simons is a Scientologist. Scientologists are forbidden to marry outside CoS. Therefore, Duncan Roads is a Scientologist. (I met her. She seemed personable).

    The second lie relates to Duncan Roads two decade-long loyalty to the Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (The Masses) a socialist dictatorship hostile to Australia.

    The third lie relates to Duncan Roads’ support of extreme left and right wing organisations as a means to attack the majority of ‘middle’ Australians with the aim of eventually
    controlling the entire country. These institutions and individuals include: Convicted child pornographer Peter Allan Sawyer and the anti-Semitic League of Rights; American
    ‘patriots’ Bo Gritz, Linda Thompson, twice convicted criminal Mark Koernke and Oklahoma bomber / multiple child murderer Timothy McVeigh; Welf Herfurth, a German-born nazi who
    spent time in schools in Tehran before he emigrated to Australia where he became an Australian Democrat NSW State Executive member, a national socialist and Holocaust denier;
    Robert Pash, a former neo nazi and unregistered agent for North Korean communism; dictator and terrorist sponsor Muammar Al-Qadafi and Libyan socialism; and, Richard Jones,
    formerly Roads’ employer at Simply Living and former Australian Democrat and independent MLC for NSW.

    The fourth lie relates to Roads’ mother, Treenie, dying of a disease which none of the ‘quack’ cures Roads ever advertised in Nexus could cure. Nor could this CoS ‘uber mensch’ /
    ‘Standard Operating Thetan’ cure her himself. Seriously? Even after all of the Scientology ‘training’, on which he spent a small fortune, he still could not cure her? How embarressing
    for a CoS ‘superman’ to have his mother die on him when his ‘religion’ says that cannot happen to ‘true believers’. If the hoaxes and snake oil Roads’ advertises cannot even cure his
    own mother, then why the hell would he fraudulently advertise them as ‘cures’ for diseases affecting the rest of us, knowing that these claims are false? The only scientific conclusion
    which can be drawn from Treenie dying is that Scientology and Duncan Roads are as fraudulent as the products he advertises in his mischievous, money-making magazine.

    The fifth lie relates to Duncan Roads and the Church of Scientology ‘softening up’ Australian citizens’ resistance to foreign predatory ideologies by delivering propaganda to the
    Australian public which undermines confidence in our public institutions. Over time, this could have the effect of creating a broad social movement against our democratic system
    of government which would be exchanged, gradually or after a coup de tete, for an ‘Australian Jamahiriya’ loyal to Libya and hostile to Britain, our history, values and heritage. This
    socialist dominated Australia would have Scientology imposed on us as the sole, exclusive and unassailable religion. All other faiths would be outlawed. This outcome would be
    CoS’s reward for assisting in this treasonous conspiracy against the Australian nation. It is also part of Roads’ concept of ‘paradise’ where the CoS rule us like latter-day KGB thugs
    in an ideological ‘gulag’ where freedom from Scientology and Libyan socialism is nothing but a memory. Membership of the new anti-Christian cult would be inescapable.

    The sixth lie relates to ‘God’ being the motivation behind Nexus. Which of Duncans’ ‘gods’ should he impose on the rest of us? Sai Baba, Al-Qadhafi or L. Ron Hubbard? God has no
    place in the Scientology world view. God has no place in the Libyan socialist worldview. Nexus is a money-making propaganda outlet for the apostate Church of Scientology and the
    anti-Christian Libyan socialist plot to rule the world. The ‘truth test for this assertion is this: If ‘God’ is behind Nexus, then why did Roads participate in writing the ‘New Bible’ with
    Jeni Edgley from 1992 onwards? (Nitty Gritty Newsletter No. 23 March/April 1992 p. 44). Why replace the word of God, the existing Bible, with the word of Al-Qadhafi and L.Ron
    Hubbard? The answer is this: Duncan Roads lied. Scientology and Libyan socialism are behind Nexus, not God. Duncan Roads is a liar before God, Queen, country and his fellow
    citizens, the real patriots. ‘Paradise’ is not what Roads is selling. He is selling revolution through subversion.

    The seventh lie deals with Roads being a former Sai Baba follower. A fact not revealed in either the 1995 or 2010 editorials. Why lie about his Sai Baba faith? Because CoS are intent
    on destroying its competitors one by one until only Scientology remains as the sole religion of the Libyan socialist NWO. This begs the question, when did Scientology send its
    agents, like Roads, into Sai Babas’ organisation to destroy it from within? How long have anti-Sai traitors been eating away at that organisation and in how many other groups
    are similar CoS ‘cells’ operating within Christian congregations like Norm Segal and the Baptist Churches’ Mr H. Bonham, both tools of Ron Owen / Lock, Stock and Barrel? Or,
    Robert Pash, allegedly a ‘minister’ in the Christian Identity Ministries. Sai Baba is the first of CoS’s intended victims. The Catholic Pope and the Queen, head of the Anglican faith,
    are also on this hit list authored by a certain Muslim Libyan dictator who is doing a realistic impersonation of an ‘anti-Christ’.

    Before this outcome could be accomplished, Roads and his fellow conspirators need to accomplish the same pre-conditions which existed before the French and Russian

    1) A viable alternative ideology to the current system / faith.
    2) The broad dissemination of persuasive propaganda to a population suffering famine, uncertainty and hunger for change which the alternative ideology promises
    3) The constant undermining of the existing system of government on the grounds of high unemployment, a moral vacuum, ineffective leaders, injustice and inequity (Aboriginal / Palestinian land rights)
    4) The exposure of the current government as incompetent, wasteful, irresponsible, illegitimate, illegal and politicians as corrupt buffoons who impoverish and mislead the people
    5) The gradual or sudden replacement of that government by ‘morally righteous’ representatives of the alternative ideology
    6) The installation of an oligarchy of dictators like Muammar Al-Qadafi and Roads, against whom all forms of protest are illegal and punishable by death, imprisonment or ‘re-education’
    7) Consolidation of an oligarchical power structure by legal or illegal suppression of competing power structures, political parties and movements, including the purging of
    the public service of all non-CoS members so that the oligarchy can rule in the name of Libyan socialism / CoS without dissent / criticism / divisions or ‘Wikileaks’ of any kind

    Afghanistan is a prime example of this kind of failed nation-state. SBS News reports only 23% of the Afghan Army and 12% of Afghan police can work unsupervised by Western
    armed forces. Another 12% of Afghan police are absent without leave at any given time, casting further doubt on the viability of teaching or relying on Afghans to look after
    themselves in the face of the local Taliban ‘freedom movement’ and the future exploitation of about $US4 Trillion in mineral resources beneath its soil by foreign powers.

    Yemen, similarly, has an unemployment rate of 35% and has already fostered Islamacist radicals who attacked a American warship resulting in many deaths.

    The new political landscape would be made in the image of those who initiated the changes, the Church of Scientology and their Libyan socialist puppetmasters.
    As with Hitler in 1934, Al-Qadafi only needs his allies while they are useful. Once CoS outlives its usefulness, they join the rest of us in the socialist gulags where we will be force
    fed Al-Qadafis’ Little Green Book and Dianetics as though they are the ‘New Bible’ written by Roads and Jeni Edgley from 1992 onwards to replace the existing Bible.

    This nazi / communist / socialist / oligarchical / nationalist / revolutionary pathology was either attempted and / or succeded in the following cases:

    France 1790s Sans Culottes / socialists / Napoleonic military dictatorship masquerading as ‘Liberty, Fraternity, Equality’.
    Russia 1917-1918 Marxist Soviets (Karl Marx wrote a book: ‘A World Without Jews’, translated by Dagobert Runes).
    Germany 2nd August 1934 National Socialist Party (Nazis)
    Great Britain 20 Jan – 11 December 1936 Pro Nazi King Edward VIII abdicates over inability to marry pro Nazi Wallis Simpson. Both spied for Germany.
    Europe 1939-1945 World War II. Attempted imposition of Nazi ‘Thousand Year Reich’ on freedom-loving, free-thinking peoples.
    North Korea 1948 Korean President Kim Il Sung and the “Great Leader” Comrade Kim Jong Il
    China 1949 Mao Tse Tung / Chinese Communist Party
    Tibet 7 October 1950 Mao Tse Tung / Chinese Communist Party
    Cuba 1st January 1959 Fidel Castro / Cuban Communist Party
    Yugoslavia 7th April 1963 Marshal Tito / Yugoslav Communist Party
    Libya 1st September 1969 Muammar Al-Qadafi / Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya (The Masses) / Free Unionist Officers / anti Sanoussi cabal
    Syria 1970-2000 Hafez al-Assad / Arab Ba’ath Socialist Party
    Cambodia 6 October 1970-1975 Pol Pot / Khmer Communist Party
    Uganda 1970s Idi Amin
    Spain 1 Oct 1936 – 1976 General Franco
    Vietnam 1972 Ho Chi Minh / Viet Cong (Communist party)
    Afghanistan 27th April 1978 and 1981 Afghan Socialist Party / Soviet communist Party / Taliban / Al-Qaeda / local warlords-drug smugglers
    Sierra Leone 1980s Blood diamonds war costing over 120,000 lives and thousands more mutilated.
    Ethiopia 1984 Cuban and other communist soldiers fought in the civil war
    Lebanon 1983 Islamic Jihad lorry-bomb attack kills 241 American marines. Imad Mughniyeh leader of IJ hid out inTehran.
    Libya October 1993 Attempted anti-Al-Qadhafi coup in Libya fails. Libya begins seeking chemical weapon technology from South Africa.
    Iraq 1980s Saddam Hussein / Socialist Ba’ath Party of Iraq
    Chad 1980s Al-Qadafis’ ‘peace-loving’ Libyan socialists attacked Chad in order to gain control of land on their mutual border
    Trinidad 27 July 1990 Jamaat al Muslimeen revolutionaries, financed by Libyan dictator Muammar Al-Qadafi, attempted a coup. Three deaths.
    Venezuela 1990s Hugo Chavez
    USA 1776/1990-2010 United States ‘Militias’ / Koernke-McVeigh / Bo Gritz / KKK / ‘patriots’ who are actually ‘tools’ of Libyan socialist NWO
    Burma 1992 General Than Shwe takes over. Forms nuclear trade relationship with North Korea.
    Nepal 7 Feb 2005 Maoist Shining Path guerillas
    Zimbabwe 2008 Robert Mugabe / Zanu PF
    Turkey 2010 ‘Sledgehammer’ conspiracy to replace Turkish government with a ‘nationalist’ alternative regime

    Yes. The ‘fairies at the bottom of the garden’ are Libyan socialists and Scientologists. The Russian communists couldn’t make it, they were bankrupted in the 1980s and no longer
    had the desire to rule the world having suffered 35,000 fatalities in Afghanistan. China, on the other hand, has $850 billion in credit and a vast army. Muammar Al-Qadafi, on the
    other hand, has oil fields sustaining his megalomaniacal ambitions and a country protecting him from the armies of freedom and courts of justice, just like Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Fidel
    Castro, Idi Amin, Usama Bin Laden and Robert Mugabe. In spite of its protests of ‘loyalty’ to Australia, the Australian ‘freedom movement’ serves as a very low level and highly
    expendable intelligence gathering group for Muammar Al-Qadafi and the Libyan secret service intent on wearing down our resistance to their plot for world domination.

    Never mind ‘land rights’ or ‘illegal immigrants’. By the time these people are finished, we will not have national borders or individual identities let alone our own opinions. We
    will simply become ‘the Masses’ whom CoS, Muammar Al-Qadafi and Roads exploit like ideological leeches on the body politic of a once free people.

    Specifically, Duncan Roads’ lies, fraud and treason against the human rights and harmonious unity of the Australian people includes:

    1) Duncan Roads and his wife Catherine Simons are Scientologists dedicated to spreading the so-called ‘truth’ according to plagiarist, fantasist, life-long liar, Satanist, con
    artist, sociopath, egomaniac, megalomaniac, ‘A type personality’ and old fashioned oligarch, L. Ron Hubbard.

    2) Duncan Roads published advertisements and at least one article favourable to terrorist mentor and absolute dictator of socialist Libya, Muammar Al-Qadafi. Not the least of
    which was the ‘Libya, Lockerbie & the New World Order’ article (Nexus June-July 1992, p. 33), in which Roads attempted to deny Libyas’ terrorist activities, spinning these facts
    as some kind ‘New World Order’ conspiracy to blacken Libya. In so doing, Roads ignores Libyan sponsorship of terrorism against the ‘evil’ First World economies and liberal
    democracies. By doing so, Roads demonstrated his true allegiance to international pan-Islamic socialism. An allegiance he admitted to on December 7th 1991 at Nitty Gritty 1
    when he announced: “I will never break my solidarity with the Libyan people.” A comment he had edited out of the audio tape of his speech because it incriminated him in a
    Libyan / Scientology conspiracy against the non-Islamic, democratic, free market Western world. Duncan Roads is a liar and a traitor. Al-Qadafi himself renounced terrorism in
    in 2003. Why would an ‘innocent’ socialist Libyan dictator admit to supporting terrorism and then renounce terrorism if he did not support terrorism in the first place?

    3) Duncan Roads published the views of American ‘patriot’ militia identity Mark Koernke and his one time bodyguard, multiple child murderer Timothy McVeigh, who blew up the
    Murrah building in Oklahoma on April 19, 1995, killing 167 people, including pre-school age children. How does the mass murder of young children further the cause of ‘freedom’?
    It does not. It advances the anti-Western / anti-American agenda of socialist Libya, Islamacist groups like Al-Qaeda and terrorist organisations like the PLO, Hezzbollah, Black
    September and Abu Sayeff. The same terrorists responsible for the 2002 Bali bombing. All of whom have an ideological comrade in a morally disorientated individual like Duncan
    Michael Roads who cannot distinguish between a multiple child-murderer like McVeigh and a real hero. If it was Roads’ son who died in April 1995, would he still think McVeigh
    was a ‘patriot’.

    Sick Boys

    The “grand guru of hate”, otherwise known to the FBI as Okla-
    homa bombing suspect Mark Koernke
    is the US correspondent to Nexus, a
    glossy Queensland “New Age” maga-
    zine which, among articles about
    UFOs and health cures, regularly
    promotes the loony right-wing para
    noid conspiracy theories of Americas’
    mid-west. In the last issue Koernke
    promoted an armed revolution by
    militia groups. The magazine also
    backs Canberra-based ultra-right
    group, the Loyal Regiment of Austra-
    lian Guardians, although Nexus editor
    Duncan Roads says he does not
    support the views he publishes.

    The Sun-Herald, May 7, 1995, page 144.

    No. he just profits from them personally and by donating the blood money to his CoS controllers who use it to brainwash more CoS drones like Roads.

    4) Duncan Roads associated himself with right-wing conspiracy theorist and convicted child pornographer, Peter Allan Sawyer, introducing him to Jeni Edgleys’ Nitty Gritty 1
    lecture seminar on December 7th 1991. By association, Roads was not only condoning Sawyer but also Sawyers’ associates in the anti-Semitic League of Rights cabal.

    5) Duncan Roads published integrated advertisements for the pro-Libyan New Dawn magazine, a propaganda outlet for Muammar Al-Qadafis’ absolute socialist dictatorship of
    Libya and, would-be absolute dictatorship of: a) Africa; b) Pan-Islam; and, c) eventually, the entire free world. Failing that, he now exports oil to Europe as a member of OPEC.
    He is now a member for the ‘hidden elite’ who control the world through its’ oil supply. This indicates that Roads cannot distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong.

    6) Duncan Roads associated with another ‘unregistered agent of a foreign power’, ‘Rashid’ Robert Pash, a former neo-nazi turned Islamic convert, who published New Dawn on
    behalf of Al-Qadhafi after Libyan agents were kicked out of Australia. Pash split with Muammar Al-Qadhafis’ propaganda network after Muammar Al-Qadhafi renounced terrorism
    in 2003. Pash then began publishing articles praising North Koreas’ communist ‘Juche’ political philosophy. His views on the North Korean effort to smuggle 125 kilos of pure
    heroin into Australia in April 2003 remain unclear. The drugs were landed on the coast of Victoria. Robert Pash has published New Dawn from Melbourne since the late 1980s.
    Exactly how many North Korean sympathisers live in Victoria? Pash and a handful of his comrades. Is this a coincidence?

    “Curiously, in April 1987, Libya hosted the second conference of its World Center Against Imperialism,
    Zionism and Racism (MATABA), in Tripoli. Pash led an Australian delegation which included,
    notoriously, Aboriginal activists Michael Mansell (‘Desperate Times’, ABC Message Stick, May 14,
    2004) and Yaluritja Clarrie Isaacs. In the ’90s, Pash popped up as the “Australian Association for the
    Study of the Juche Idea”; this being another term for the state ideology of North Korea / Democratic
    People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). It was in this capacity that in 1998 ‘Rashid Robert Pash’ was
    given the opportunity to tour the country of the illustrious Korean President Kim Il Sung and the
    Great Leader Comrade Kim Jong Il. As for mathaba.net, as a result of his recent reconciliation with the
    Jewish-dominated Western powers — the UK and the US in particular, but including, of course,
    France’s Sarkozy — al-Gaddafi has broken poor little Szondy’s heart. This is why al-Gaddafi is
    regularly criticised by mathaba.net, while the contents of his little Green Book — and its strange
    amalgam of pan-Arabism, Islam and state socialism — remains an attractive property for the likes of
    Louis.” (The Sydney Institute Quarterly, Vol. 2, No 1, Febuary 1998).

    From the early 1990s, Pash dropped his advertising of LaRouche / CEC in New Dawn and began publishing colourful ads for Scientology.

    7) Duncan Roads was employed as a writer / reporter by the Simply Living magazines’ Richard Jones MLC (NSW) who was: a) a nudist; b; an environmentalist; an Australian
    Democrat member of parliament before splitting with the party to become an independent member of the NSW Upper House with pro Palestinian sympathies harmonising
    with those of Muammar Al-Qadafi. Jones and Roads visited Libya together in June 1988. (Greason claims it was actually April 1987). Roads re-visited Libya in January 1989. If
    ever there were ‘watermelons’, Duncan Roads’ loyalty to Libya qualifies him for membership of that group.

    8) Duncan Roads was an associate of Dennis Stevenson, a Scientologist elected to the Australian Capital Territory parliament in the early 1990s as an Independent ACT MLA.
    Stevenson was Scientologys’ link to The Strategy traitors. Strategy sponsored the League of Rights-influenced Inverell Forum. Stevenson employed Stuart Gill, a thief and
    police imposter who leaked damaging information to the media which furthered the aims of CoS / Libya and the LoR.

    Prior to October 1991, Dennis Stevenson hired Stuart Gill as an adviser. Gill was previously a paid informer of the Victorian Police Internal Security Unit. Gill had access to
    hundreds of pages of police intelligence files which he shared with media organisations in an attempt to link government ministers and police to corruption allegations and
    Jewish pornography industry identities with organised crime. Gill had a history of impersonating a police officer and theft. In short, Gill was following the Scientology agenda
    of destroying the credibility of our police force and government from within for the benefit of Scientology. Did he do this with the connivance of Dennis Stevenson, Duncan
    Roads and Ian Bruce Bell? If proven, this was both treason and a criminal conspiracy perpetrated by the CoS and punishable by a custodial sentences of up to seven years. By
    aiding and abetting Libyan and North Korean terrorists and drug dealers, Roads and Pash could add another five to ten years on that custodial sentence. They could share a cell.
    (‘Liar’ claim in police scandal, Susan Borham, Sun-Herald September 27, 1992, page 19)
    (Probe move on leaked reports, Scott Henry, The Australian, 25th September 1992, page 3)
    (Vindicated, Sun-Herald, 27th, September 1992, page 20)

    9) Duncan Roads spent the 20 years between 1990 and 2010 publishing articles and organising seminars dedicated to undermining the credibility and authority of Australian
    governments which stands as a bastion of freedom against the agenda of international oligarchies, socialism, communism, nazism and absolutism. The same propaganda
    campaign once waged by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia against the democratic alliance in World War II and the Cold War. Our political system is not perfect, but it beats
    anything socialist Libya and its’ stooges have to offer.

    10) Duncan Roads / Nexus was quoted as a source for the March 1997 ‘Conspiracy’ documentary aired on Channel Ten. One of those interviewed was Scientologist Ian Bruce
    Bell who claimed “13 families” ruled the world. ie ‘Jewish’ NWO. The same people Roads implied were the ‘hidden rulers’ in his June-July 2010 editorial. (Does this sound
    familiar? Scientologists blaming evil ‘others’ for a conspiracy no one can prove, whose influence and dominance are unprovable and yet, whose existence is highly
    rewarding to those whose conspiracy publishing empire: ie Nexus, reaps large financial rewards). Without this ‘NWO’ from whom they rely for their living, what would CoS
    do to justify its’ existence and pay its’ way? Why are there never any non-Jewish ‘hidden elites’? What, no one else has money? Like Libyan oil money?

    11) Bell was already an officeholder in Graeme Campbells’ Australia First political party. This suggests that the CoS / Libyan / Nexus conspiracy to hijack our democracy using
    the pro gun / freedom lobby as a ‘Trojan Horse’ was well under way as early as 1996 and perhaps as early as 1992 when the Confederate Action Party listed Sawyer, the
    League of Rights and the Institute of Public Affairs among its ‘loyal list’ associates and patrons. At the time, Ian Bruce Bell lived at 7 Karril Ave, Beecroft NSW 2119.
    (Source: Sydney Morning Herald Wed 17th July 1996; and, The Plot Thickens, Richard Guilliatt, Sydney Morning Herald, 24th May 1997. Spectrum Features 8s).

    12) BP pollutes the Gulf of Mexico in the same way CoS pollutes the minds of its’ adherents. Nexus / CoS are no better than the ‘polluting energy companies’ Roads whines
    about with such sublime hypocrisy while offering no alternative ‘clean, green power supply’. Again, with nothing to complain about, Nexus is an ideological squib.
    Do ‘polluting energy companies’ include oil producers like socialist Libya, socialist Iraq and a socialist totalitarian oligarchy like Iran which is only one of five countries
    worldwide which still executes children? What is behind Duncan Roads’ fascination with child murderers and child pornographers? Is he ‘channelling’ Michael Jackson?
    Somebody should report Roads to the Citizens Commission on Human Rights International. Oh, no, wait, Jan Eastgate runs the commission and she is also a Scientologist and,
    surprise, surprise, Jan Eastgate will not prosecure the CoS or Duncan Roads for crimes agaist humanity, CoS members are above the laws which govern the rest of us.
    Seriously though, pneumonia is the biggest killer of children suffering measles aged under five in the developing world. Are they to be denied life-saving immunisations
    because Duncan Roads objects to immunisation on principle? How many hundreds of millions of children have to die of preventable diseases just so Mr Scientology Uber
    Mensch can enjoy the illusion of his own ego-superiority? Whose hellish ‘paradise’ is Roads…Duncan Roads intending inflicting on us against our will and without our

    13) Duncan Roads makes the same mistake as all would-be dictators. He assumes his own ‘wisdom’ is absolute and infallible, therefore, all opposing opinions are ‘evil’. Where was
    this ‘infallible judgement’ when he:
    a) Became a Sai Baba devotee?
    b) Hooked up with a Scientologist?
    c) Befriended Peter Allan Sawyer?
    d) Advertised the beliefs of Mark Koernke, Linda Thompson, Timothy McVeigh, the Regiment of Loyal Guardians, New Dawn, Robert Pash, CoS and Al-Qadhafi?
    e) Associated with every ‘alternative health’, ‘UFO conspiracy’, ‘Jewish NWO’ and ‘ancient civilization’ advocating lunatic known to fringe-kind?

    Clearly, this is a man who thinks with his dick, votes with his wallet and lies through his teeth to avoid all and any responsibility. His name should be Brittle Ego Roads.

    14) Roads met David Greason at the Libyan conference in 1988, (Greason claims it was 1987), and claimed he represented the Australian Democrats when, if fact, he was employed by
    Simply Living to write an article about the conference. (Article published in the Sydney Institute Quarterly February 1998 by David Greason).

    15) Roads protests about the ‘evils’ of vaccines ‘inflicted on children’ by the ‘insidious NWO medical profession’ but he ignores the CoS practice of seperating young children from
    their parents and making them work in ‘sweatshop’ conditions to manufacture and mail CoS propaganda. He overlooks the CoS practice of forcing members to divorce their non-
    CoS partners because they will not join the cult. Then, CoS takes a cut of the divorce settlement once their lawyers are through devouring the non-CoS half of the marriage.
    Aren’t you glad Duncan Roads is here to speak up on their behalf now that Michael Jackson is no longer able to? For Roads, it seems some emotional ‘abuse’ is justifiable on
    religious grounds but not medical grounds. Morality, apparently, resides in the squinty eye of the biased beholder. As long as they are Scientologists who are above the laws
    that govern the rest of us.

    16) At the same event at which Scientologist ‘pope’ David Miscavige awarded Tom Cruise a laughably large and grotesque medal for being a hood ornament for CoS, the crowd
    waved many different flags from many different nations. At the front of this CoS throng, was the largest flag of them all, an Israeli flag. Yes. The Church of Scientology plans
    to destroy Christianity, but champions their relationship with Jewish Israeli Scientologists. The League of Rights must be choking on their porridge.

    17) Roads and Jeni Edgeley were busily writing a ‘New Bible’ as early as 1992 with which the existing Bible would be replaced. What else was Roads plannuing on replacing?
    How about God? Yes, really. In February 2004, Roads appeared on ABC Radio, advocating a world with conspiracy theories but without God.


    For conspiracy theorists, the idea of the Unseen God is replaced by the Unseen Hand Behind All Things. We examine conspiracies that go back to the 18th Century “Illuminati”,
    and which are now combining with pop science and UFOs in this world of belief. It’s a world-view that ranges from a New World Order to belief in a race of reptilians controlling
    world events. Michael Barkun, author of A Culture of Conspiracy, and Duncan Roads, editor of NEXUS magazine, talk to Rachael Kohn.

    What individual in their right mind claims ‘God’ is their motivation in 1995 and then, nine years later, declares God is ‘dead’ but the reptilian aliens are coming and only godless
    Scientology can save us? Where is his proof? This conspiracy ‘group think’ is being exported beyond CoS.

    In the specific case of Ian Bruce Bell and Graeme Campbell, Campbell was linked to other racists and conspiracy theorists by Courier-Mail journalist Elizabeth Merryment,
    based on statements by Ted Drane, of Australia First. Drane was Campbells’ one-time pro gun party ally. (“Campbell sought secret society of racists, says shooters’ boss”,
    written by Elizabeth Meryment, Courier Mail, 13th July 1996, page 1).

    “Maverick West Australian MP Graeme Campbell attempted to introduce a ‘secret society’ of racists into federal politics, his former partner Ted Drane has claimed.”

    “Mr Drane said Mr Campbell was known to associate with League of Rights Queensland director Chas Pinwell, Scientologist Bruce Bell, Australians Against
    Further Immigration member Denis McCormack and Jim Cronin, found[er] of League of Rights front group Bankwatch.”

    Duncan Roads’ is further damned by first and second degree associates in his CoS ‘paradise’-building enterprise, which include:

    First Degree Associations Second Degree Associates

    Muammar Al-Qadafi International socialists, whom Roads met at the Libyan peace conference
    Trinidadian Jamaat al Muslimeen socialists Yasin Abu Bakr and Bilaal Abdullah, Trinidadian Jamaat al Muslimeen coup plotters
    Libyan socialists, whom Roads met at the 1987 Libyan peace conference Muammar Al-Qadafi, the Libyan propaganda ministry
    International Libyan socialists, whom Roads met at the Libyan peace conference agents of Libyan propaganda amd spy agencies
    A Libyan socialist absolute dictator, Muammar Al-Qadafi Carlos the Jackal, the PLO, Hezzbollah, Black September, Abu Sayeff, Red Brigades
    International terrorists, Mark Koernke, whose views Roads published in Nexus. Carlos the Jackal
    Australian socialists Joan Coxsedge (ALP MHR Victorian parliament), Richard Jones (AD NSW)
    Aboriginal activists Yaluritja Clarrie Isaacs and Michael Mansell, attended the 1987 Libyan peace conference
    Yaluritja Clarrie Isaacs and Michael Mansell Aboriginal land rights activists behind the 1992 Terra Nullius furore
    Conspiracy theorists Peter Sawyer, Ron Owen, Tony Pitt, Jeremy Lee,
    International fascists The British National Party, leading members of which visited Libya in the 1980s
    A convicted child pornographer, Peter Allan Sawyer The League of Rights, Australian fascists, Australian racists, Australian oligarchs
    Mark Koernke, twice convicted criminal Timothy McVeigh, an American terrorist and multiple child murderer
    The Church of Scientology International oligarchs intent on subverting Australia from within
    ‘Rashid’ Robert Pash, a sympathiser with North Korean communism North Korean communists(and drug smugglers?), Aryan Nation, Vanguard, National Alliance, KKK
    Politicians (both Right and Left wing) Dennis Stevenson, Richard Jones, Joan Coxsedge,
    Dennis Stevenson, Stuart Gill, a police imposter and registered informer
    Jeni Edgeley ‘Watermelons’ (‘useful tools’ who are ‘green’ on the outside and ‘red’ on the inside,
    which, coincidentally, reflects the all-green Libyan flag and its’ all red dictatorship).
    Abu Nidal terrorist in hiding in Libya since 1987
    Welf Herfurth, a nazi, Third Positionist, Holocaust denier, Australian Democrat infiltrator
    Basque ETA in Spain
    the IRA
    Italian Red Brigades
    Moro Islamic Liberation Movement
    Linda Thompson, arrested with an automatic firearm on her way to the Whitehouse
    where she intended starting a ‘coup’ against the ‘ZOG’ / NWO government.
    Metropole Hotels, two thirds owned by Lonhro one third owned by Libyan Arab
    Finance company, Al-Qadhafis’ foreign investment vehicle.

    Libya was found to be directly linked to the following terrorist acts.

    In 1989 a French airliner exploded over the Saharan Desert, killing more than 170 people. Several high-ranking Libyan officials were found to be directly involved in the bombing by
    the French judge chairing the subsequent investigation, including Abdallah Sanoussi, Gaddafi’s nephew. The same year came the destruction of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie,
    Scotland, with the deaths of 290 people eventually traced to two Libyan intelligence officers, Abdel Basset Al Meghrahi and Laman Khalifa Fahima. Following a long process that
    included the implementation of UN sanctions and severe international pressure, Libya agreed to extradite the two to Britain, although the trial itself was conducted, to spare Libyan
    sensitivities, on Dutch soil, resulting in the conviction of Meghrahi.

    In 1986, Libyan diplomats were expelled from London after the murder of a British policewoman by a Libyan official, firing from within the Libyan embassy, whom Tripoli refused to
    strip of diplomatic immunity.

    On Friday July 27, 1990, 114 members of the Jamaat al Muslimeen, led by Yasin Abu Bakr and Bilaal Abdullah staged a coup d’état against the government of Trinidad and Tobago.
    Forty-two insurgents stormed the Red House (the seat of Parliament) and took the Prime Minister, A.N.R. Robinson and most of his Cabinet hostage, including Horace James, while
    seventy-two of their compatriots attacked the offices of Trinidad and Tobago Television (TTT), then the only television station in the country at that time and the Trinidad
    Broadcasting Company, then one of only two radio stations in the country. At 6.00 p.m. Yasin Abu Bakr appeared on television and announced that the government had been
    overthrown, and that he was negotiating with the Army. He called for calm, and said that there should be no looting. These Trinidadian ‘independent’ revolutionaries who staged a
    coup in 1990 were backed by Libya just as Libya backed Aboriginal seperatists and for the same reasons. Influence and subversion leading to absolute power.

    According to The Australian newspaper, (20/3/87), Col. Gadaffi had
    offered “millions of dollars” to militant Aborigines in Australia. In
    federal parliament in May 1987, the Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Clyde
    Holding, claimed that Australian Aboriginal activists, particularly
    separatists, were being “used” by white supremacists, a plausible argument
    given the on-going contact between Muhammed’s host, Holocaust deniers,
    neo-Nazis and other open anti-semites.

    White supremacists like Robert Pash, former Christian Identity Minister of Religion, Aryan Nation / National Alliance founder and publisher of the racist Vanguard newspaper
    turned to Al-Qadhafi after a brief dalliance with Lyndon LaRouches’ Citizen Electoral Council socialist loons.

    Was there no stone Muammar Al-Qadafi would leave unturned in his effort to acquire Australian yellow-cake for his nuclear armaments programme against Britain, America and Israel?
    The link between Libya and Trinidad becomes clear. Al-Qadafi wanted to launch a Libyan missile from Trinidad against the United States as a ‘revenge weapon’ against Israels’
    staunchest supporter. The missile would have been tipped with a nuclear weapon armed with uranium sourced from Olympic Dam in South Australia and supplied by stooges in
    the ‘patriotic’ Australian ‘freedom movement’ who have no real idea whose interests they are serving because they are monumental imbeciles, like Duncan Roads.

    If you judge people by the company they keep, what does this list tell you about Duncan Michael Roads? Is this a maximum security jail roll call or a Nexus extremist jamboree?
    These very ‘odd’ patriots remain a puzzle until they are seen as an oligarchy of dictators in waiting. When the psychological profile begins to match the observable facts, only then
    is the truth discovered.

    If these people are paid up citizens of Duncan Roads’ ‘paradise’, then he is self-evidently living in some kind of hell into which sane people would not willingly follow.
    What human being in their right mind would want to co-exist with this cast of villains, terrorists, drug-importers, megalomaniacs, sociopaths and deviants and then call it ‘paradise’?

    This is the methodology Duncan Roads used to demolish the reputation of his one-time ‘god’, Sai Baba:

    1) My surname is Roads, not Rhodes.
    2) I do NOT go “around telling people that AIDS is NOT caused by a virus ….. “.
    3) I HAVE published several articles which clearly show that AIDS is NOT caused by HIV. I am not alone in this. The world’s top experts in retroviruses also maintain this stance,
    as do hundreds of other scientists.
    4) Nowhere in these articles does it say that AIDS cannot be transmitted sexually.
    5) Back to the point, does this person’s ignorance of who I am and what I publish reflect on whether or not Sai Baba is a pedophile and rapist?
    6) I personally interviewed victims and parents. I used to be a believer and I denied these accounts as fiction, UNTIL I INVESTIGATED THEM.

    I am no biologist, but; a) HIV is a virus, Human Immuno Virus; b) Duncan Roads ‘investigative’ ability is selective, not general; c) His overall judgement is pretty damned poor.

    More concisely, The New Dawn Background Briefing Special Report No.1 of October 1991 included a leaflet advertising: “The Aids Disaster: Negligence or Mass Murder?”
    by Dr. Bernard Godot, who is quoted as saying: “…Virologists warn that the HIV viruses are rapidly evolving…”.

    So, who are we to believe? The infallible wisdom of Duncan “Astroboy” Roads? Or, Roads infallible guru and mentor, Muammar Al-Qadhafis’ New Dawn Special Report of 1991?

    Which is the superior, the socialist ‘Sith Lord of Libya’, or the Scientologist apprentice sorcerer whose knowledge of the Force is less infallible than his dark masters’?

    Now, the list of individuals and groups Duncan ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Roads has not applied the same intellectual rigour to in Nexus:

    Peter Sawyer, convicted child pornographer and Roads one-time associate.
    Muammer Al-Qadhafi, terrorist sponsor, socialist dictator and potential ‘anti-Christ’.
    The Church of Scientology.
    The Pakistani bombers responsible for the attack on London on 7/72005 which killed 52 of Roads’ fellow Englishmen and wounded up to 700 others
    The Libyan intelligence officer behind the Lockerbie atrocity who lives in Libya and went free after British Petroleum lobbied for his release
    The Libyan embassy official who shot and killed a British policewoman in the 1990s and escaped justice by fleeing to Libya where he remains free to this day
    The Pakistan-based assassins who attacked Mumbai in November 2008 and killed dozens of people including two Australians
    The atrocities committed by the socialist Iraqi Ba’ath Party members under Saddam Hussein who violated the human rights of Iraqis on a daily basis from the 1980s onward
    Abe Saffron, Australian crime boss of Russian Jewish extraction
    John Ibrahim, Lebanese-Australian Kings’ Cross ‘identity’
    Michael Freedman, organised crime identity
    Convicted Islamacist terrorists jailed by Australian courts for conspiring to attack Australians
    Motor Cycle Clubs whose members may, or may not, be linked to the drug trade
    The Mafia / Cosa Nostra
    Socialist Libya
    North Korea
    Communist China
    Shining Path Maoists in Nepal, Chile, India and the Philipines
    Hezzbollah militia in Lebanon
    The IRA
    The KGB / East German Stasi
    The PLO
    The Pakistan Intelligence Organisation, ISI, who mentor the Taliban
    The Taliban / Afghani opium growers and exporters who produce over 90% of the worlds’ opium / heroin supply
    Socialist Arab nations like Iraq, Iran and Syria
    The tobacco industry (responsible for the deaths of about 18,000 Australians a year)
    The alcohol industry
    Holocaust deniers like David Irving, Frederick Tobin and the Republic of Iran
    Human Rights violators like the Church of Scientology, Indonesia, various African, South American and other Third World dictatorships
    The Libyan socialist plot to support Aboriginal land rights at the expense of non-Aboriginal Australians in order to obtain uranium for a Libyan atomic bomb.

    Why the double standard, Roads..Duncan Roads? One law for the non CoS ‘wogs’ and another for the New World Order conspirators involved in the Nexus Conspiracy, like
    yourself? Some ‘paradise’. The discrimination starts before people are even marched through the front gates of the forced labour-education camps.

    In an effort to ‘corner the market’ in Australias’ alternative political scene, Muammar Al-Qadafi cultivated contacts within fascist, socialist and even Aboriginal lobby groups so
    that CoS / Libya gain influence regardless of who wins the war at the ballot box or on the streets. Roads has cultivated both extremes of the spectrum on behalf of CoS using the
    anti-Semitic conspiracy theories both extremes espouse as ‘the NWO’. This explains how Roads balances his associations with the Peter Sawyerite fascists on one side and the
    Robert Pashite Christian Identity / Aryan Nation / Libyan socialist / North Korean communist extremists on the other. People who would do anything to acquire a nuclear weapon.

    In the mid 1970s, a novel entitled “An A Bomb for Alice” was published which described an Aboriginal / communist plot to blow up Alice Springs with an atomic bomb.
    The ‘communists’ do not have enough resources, human ‘assets’ or influence here to accomplish this outcome. The Libyan socialist / CoS conspiracy does possess the resources
    to create a ‘Fifth Column’ of traitors in Australia who think they are ‘patriots’. These ‘tools’ include, Neil Burston, the One Nation area contact for Olympic Dam, South Australia.

    Neil Burston is believed to be the son of Brian Burston, the One Nation candidate for the NSW upper house in 1998 on the same ticket as David Oldfield and Bevan O’Regan
    (ex Confederate Action Party member / supporter 1990s). These Libyan / CoS ‘tools’ are also highly placed in One Nation and the CAP where Bevan O’Regan was an office holder.
    These ‘assets’ of the Libyan socialist subversion of Australia by the Scientology / Libyan cabal, give a foreign entity hostile to this nation the means to acquire Australian uranium
    for a Libyan nuclear weapon and the politicians who can be ‘influenced’ or blackmailed into handing Muammar Al-Qadafi the raw materials which he needs to attack America or
    Israel with a nuclear missile.

    How ‘loyal’ is One Nation if they cannot see and understand the fact that they and their organisation serve the Libyan socialist / CoS conspiracy to enslave our nation?
    How much information and / or yellow cake has already been handed over to Australias’ arch enemies by anti-patriots claiming to be our political ‘saviours’ ? Far from being the
    answer to Australias’ problems, One Nation is part of the problem disguised as a ‘solution’ by professional liars in the Libyan propaganda ministry. A plot designed to accomplish
    their ‘NWO’ paradise, not Australias’. These ‘anti-patriots’, Roads and the CoS, attack, scrutinise, undermine and criticise include:

    The Australian government and its’ various departments and policies
    The British government and its’ various departments and policies
    The American government and its’ various departments and policies
    The Israeli government and its’ various departments and policies
    The United Nations and its’ various departments and policies
    Various health and education provider organisations, particularly psychological health providers

    Those who have fallen under the psychotic spell of the Protocols of the Elders of Scientology in the mistaken belief that they were defending Australia against the ‘NWO’
    include ‘anti-patriots’ like:

    Peter Allan Sawyer
    Jeremy Wilfred Dominic Lee
    Eric Butler / Chas Pinwell / Don Pinwell / David Thompson / Edward Rock /
    The League of Rights
    Bank Watch / Jim Cronin
    The Confederate Action Party / Anthony R. Pitt / Peregrine Jewell / John F. Goldsmith / Kevin John Goldsmith / Doug Thompson / Bevan O’Regan / Fight / Lynne Stanfield
    Adam King alias Louis Istvan Szondy a Hungarian / Australian revolutionary born in London.
    The Australian Patriots Movement / Jim Shanks / Kevin W.D. Thompson / Les Kent / Leonard Kent / Colin Boulton / Juliana Boulton / Eric Castro Boulton /
    AUSI Freedom Scouts / Ian Murphy
    The Initiative
    The Strategy / Ray Platt /
    Citizens Electoral Council (Australia) Don Veitch / Ann Lawler / Stephen Lawler /
    Citizens Initiated Referenda groups
    Lock, Stock and Barrel / Ron Owen / William Kaiser /
    The Loyal Regiment of Australian Guardians
    The Loyal Constitutional Army / Norm Segal
    The Patriotic Youth League / Stuart John McBeth / Doug Richards / Andrew Wilson / Mark Wilson / Jamie Lee Boulton / Luke Patrick Boulton / Eric Castro Boulton /
    Australians Against Further Immigration / Denis McCormack / Robert and Robyn Spencer / David Ian McBryde / Matthew David Gardner / Daniel Gardner / Bob Boulton /
    / James Smith / Nathan Leslie Clarke / Lucas Raymond Kirkman / Lee Scott Boulton / Colin Raymond Boulton / Jeffrey Bland /
    Graeme Campbell / Australia First / Bruce Ian Bell / Craig Anthony Searle / Andrew Wilson /
    Pauline Hanson, Cliff Mitchell, Bill Fox, Brian Burston, Neil Burston / Burston family /
    One Nation /
    Christopher Monckton / Jim Saleam / Jack Van Tongeren / Southern Cross Soldiers / White Power / KKK / ANSP /

    These ‘force multipliers’ are deniable assets who can be repudiated by the Nexus Conspiracy once they are no longer useful.

    Rather than defending Australia against hostile external ideologies, these ‘tools’ have been instrumental in assisting the socialist Libyan and CoS conspiracy to install the
    ‘Australian Jamahiriya’ of foreign dictators with foreign beliefs and policies utterly opposed to our freedoms and liberties. Against this conspiracy, the spy and traitor ridden
    ‘freedom movement’ ‘Trojan Horse’ offers no defence. The ‘truth test’ for this statement is this: “When did the freedom movement ever do a damn thing against the traitor Rashid
    Robert Pash to prevent North Koreans from smuggling 125 kilos of pure heroin into Victoria in April 2003 on board the Pong Su, or the dissemination of socialist Libyan propaganda
    in Nexus and New Dawn over the past 20 years?”. Answer: Never.

    Check mate.

    The freedom movement are propaganda tools of the intended ‘paradise’ or ‘NWO’ planned for us by the Protocols of the Elders of Scientology / Libyan socialist-loving
    Nexus Conspiracy.

    The ‘truth test’ for this conclusion is this: The ‘freedom movement’ have never, ever acted against socialist Libya or Scientology even though they are a clear threat to
    Australian, British, American, Christian, patriotic, loyalist, monarchist, democratic, free-market, individualist, capitalist, liberal and secular western society. ie ‘us’.

    Given that the ‘freedom movement’ alleges it is integral to the defence of our values, why are they so intellectually castrated that they do not see, hear and understand the
    threat posed by the Protocols of the Elders of Scientology? They cannot all be monumental imbeciles like Tony Pitt, Ron Owen, Norm Segal and Pauline Hanson. Or can they?

    Norm Segals’ Loyal Constitutional Army authorised themselves to round up all political party members, candidates, politicians and put them on trial before executing them under
    provisions of the law dating back to the Crimes Act, 23.10.1945 because he disputes the legality of all Australian governments after WWI. Small problem with your logic, Norm. If
    all the post WWI governments are illegal, then the laws passed since then are ‘illegal’ also. Meaning the Loyal Constitutional Army is acting illegally by attempting to apply those
    illegal laws from 1945. So, Norm Segal, you prize halfwit, when did you intend beginning to illegally stalk, intimidate, abduct and murder Pauline Hanson and members of One Nation,
    the AAFI, Confederate Action party, The Australians, Australia First, National Action, the Australian Nazi Party, the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia and the Citizens’
    Electoral Council, because those people own guns specifically for the purpose of shooting halfwits like you, Norm. Idiots who fail the intelligence test and should be put up against
    a wall and shot for treason and gross stupidity. Vote 1, Norm Segal, monumental imbecile and prime candidate for the post of Village Idiot of Queensland 2002. God help us if we
    have to rely on help from Norm ‘the Numbskull’ Segal against the real external threats to our nation like the Nexus Conspiracy, because he is typical of the ‘freedom movement’,
    worse than useless, shit for brains, flag-waving, loud mouthed, brain dead, in-bred imbecile, child-murdering Timothy McVeigh wannabees.

    Until these anti-patriots realise they are working for, not against, the ‘NWO’, their efforts put this country in ever greater danger of being overrun by foreign socialist tyrants.
    People who applauded that other traitor who thought he was a ‘patriot’, Timothy McVeigh, who murdered 167 of his fellow citizens on behalf of the CoS / Libyan / Nexus Conspiracy
    in April 1995 because these conspirators controlled what McVeigh thought and believed. He was a Nexus Conspiracy ‘NWO’ tool doing the bidding of Muammar Al-Qadafi, not
    God, Queen and country or ‘white power’. If anything, McVeigh betrayed his ‘race’ for ‘the world Jamahiriya (The Masses).”

    In the ‘old world order’, before the French and American revolutions, people were subjects of kings. After these revolutions, people became citizens in the ‘new world order’, ie
    democracy. The definition of NWO is democracy. The enemies of democracy are communists, fascists, socialists, oligarchies, dictators and tyrants. Libyas’ Muammar Al-Qadafi and
    CoS are also ‘absolutist’ tyrannical organisations or oligarchies. They tolerate no authority or power structure other than their own. Muammar Al-Qadafi and Duncan Roads are not
    ‘freedom fighters’, they are fighters against freedom of conscience, association, thought, speech, religion, expression, individuality and choice. These despots are the same incarnate
    evil Australians fought against in World War I and II, the Cold War, Korea, Vietnam and the war against Islamacist terrorists. If their suicide bombers don’t get you, their conspiracy
    theories will.

    Any Australian who sides with these traitors betrays those who fought and died protecting our country from madmen and genocidal tyrants like Hitler and Hirohito.

    On a personal level, it becomes apparent that Duncan Roads and his fellow Scientologists are not patriots loyal to any country, people or political ideology that does not
    serve the interests of their ‘religion’. They cannot even be honest with the readership of Nexus about the obvious pro CoS / Libyan socialism ingrained in its propaganda.

    Reasons supporting a diagnosis of Irrationality, Malignant Sociopathy, Marginal Personality Disorder, Toxic Narcisscism, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Passive Aggressive and
    Egomania with elementary Ego-Compensatory Delusions of Grandeur in the case of Duncan Michael Roads:

    1) The subject believes the entire world revolves around him and that only he can ‘save’ it from the ‘evil’ which is not ‘him’ because he is a CoS ‘super man’. (Like James Bond)
    2) The subject blames the worlds’ ills on an ‘invisible leadership’ of all-powerfull ethnic minorities, for which there is no empirical evidence
    3) The subject attributes his assumed eventual ‘super human’ status and powers to the teachings of a dead ‘super human’ cult leader, L. Ron Hubbard.
    4) The subject claimed he could communicate telepathically with kangaroos to negotiate an agreement over a food crop in Tasmania in the 1970s, (Nitty Gritty 1, 1991)
    5) The subject believes he belongs to a super human ‘elite’ or ‘uber mensch’ destined to rule the world and all non-CoS members by ‘fate’ and his ‘superior’ nature
    6) The subject adopts aspects of the ‘James Bond, Secret Agent 007’ personality as a compensatory measure to unrealistically elevate his personal status (Nitty Gritty 1, 1991)
    7) The subject concealed his membership of a ‘secret elite’, Scientology, as a means of solidifying his shared values with this group at the expense of ‘wogs’, (non-CoS members)
    8) The subject published conspiracy theories and stories which he and his fellow conspirators hoped would undermine resistance to their intended plan of world domination
    9) The subject refuses to accept responsibility or accountibility for his betrayal of his countries of birth or adoption whose national interests he sacrificed in his bid for power
    10) The subject, by deduction from the previous point, believes he and his religion are ‘above’ the laws and peoples of the nations he lived in and from whom he derived his wealth
    11) The subject believes that world domination by his group and their associates is possible and justifiable, indicating an underlying megalomania with delusional tendencies
    12) The subject aspires to absolute power as his ‘moral’ right or ‘destiny’ indicating an underlying egomania and megalomania with delusional tendencies
    13) The peer group the subject belongs to aspires to the same absolute power as their ‘moral’ right or ‘destiny’ indicating an underlying group-egomania with delusional tendencies
    operating in a moral, ethical, legal and empirical vacuum of their own imagining.
    14) Paranoid Schizophrenics have delusional episodes in which they imagine unreal events, people and relationships which aggrandise themselves at the expense of people
    they fear, hate and loathed prior to the onset of egomania. Psychotics are stalkers and obsessives who engage in obsessive behaviour to rid themselves of intolerable emotions
    like rejection, inadeqaucy, loneliness, isolation, failure, anger, fear and existentialist angst. Duncan Roads fits some of the criteria for both Paranoid Schizophrenia and Paranoid
    Delusional hostility toward his imaginary ‘enemies’ who do not actually exist. By persuing the ‘invisible elite’ and sharing his delusion with the readers of Nexus, Roads is
    spreading his delusional worldview with others, attracting attention to himself and gaining fame and fortune into the bargain. He is attempting to make his unreality, ‘paradise’,
    extant in the real world so he can become a valid, worthwhile and notable human being. In other words, Duncan Roads has ‘small man disorder’ and needs the ‘crutch’ of a
    ‘NWO’ to lean on in order to be the ‘normal’ or ‘super normal’ Scientologist he imagines he will become. ie The Nexus Conspiracy is Duncan Roads’ ego / ‘penis enlargement’.
    He will not be persuaded that he does not need it to be ‘normal’ for a Scientologist.
    15) Sociopaths like Roads cannot tell the difference between right and wrong, reality or fantasy. Hence the retreat into the James Bond persona so that others will admire him.
    16) The ‘James Bond’ character in the Never Say Never Again (1983) combats an evil-doer whose chief means of transport is a large yacht called The Flying Saucer. Roads, who
    sees himself as Scientologys’ ‘superior’ 007, seeks to counter the influence of ‘evil’ ‘reptiles’ and invaders in flying saucers and their worldly collaborators by pubishing conspiracy
    theories which bolsters support for the CoS / Libyan cause. Scientologists are the alleged ‘super heroes’ who will rescue planet Earth from the space invaders commanded by the
    evil warlord ‘Xenu’, Scientologys’ equivalent of ‘Satan’. In Never Say Never Again, the Bond / Roads character tells his arch-nemesis Max Largo: “I never lose”. This break with
    reality in favour of fantasy is obvious and self-explanatory. A real hero never loses. Reality and failure are as much Roads’ enemy as the ‘Jewish NWO’ he believes represents ‘Xenu’
    / Satan on Earth. To join with socialist Libya in the propaganda war against Israel is to fight ‘the good fight’ against the ultimate ‘evil’ on, and off, the planet.
    17) The subject, living the 007 character, seeks to ‘uncover’ NWO plots like ‘fake historical events’. In ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, (1971), James Bond stumbles on a fake moon landing
    movie set in the Nevada desert. ‘Suggestible’ individuals like Roads interpret this Hollywood fiction as empirical fact, using it to question the validity of the actual Moon
    landings, which are scientifically proven by the instruments left on the Lunar surface by Apollo 11. Roads uses similar flawed thinking methodologies to arrive at ‘facts’ which
    suit his other prejudices against immunisation, psychiatry, anti UFO conspiracy folklore, history and science in general where it contradicts his ‘faith’ in Scientology and his
    imagined future ‘paradise’ to which his faith ‘entitles’ him.

    Unfortunately, he does not utilise the same scientific scepticism in observing his own belief system, friends, associates, past behaviours or criticisms made of him by others.

    A Generation X(Files) ‘believer’, Duncan Roads told his Nitty Gritty 1 audience he watched Looney Tune cartoons as a child. My contention, supported by the facts related earlier,
    indicate that Roads became a ‘cartoon hero’ as an adult in his own, warped, reality. A conclusion based on a twenty year long study of his life and confirmed by observations
    made by un-related observers who have also met and assessed Duncan Roads’ mental condition. One of these observers dubbed Roads ‘Astro Boy’, which is another way of
    suggesting he is a ‘space cadet’. ie He has little grounding in reality.

    On these grounds, the author of the Nexus Statement of Purpose could be said to exhibit several major psychotic, (fantasy prone), and some paranoid, schizophrenic, delusional,

    The Nexus Statement of Purpose and its author misrepresented Nexus itself to its’ readership on the grounds of pure self-interest or EGO.

    The motivation for this is simple. Without an ‘invisible elite’, Duncan ‘Scientology Superman’ Roads is a ‘nobody’. He needs the ‘NWO’ to be the super hero who campaigns against
    the super villainous ‘NWO’. The ‘James Bond’ persona is the easiest and most familiar ‘mask’ he can wear to inflate his ego. In all likelihood, he will refer to his wife as ‘Moneypenny’.

    Self-deluded ‘Heroes’ Their Enabling Antithesis / Nemesis / Opponents

    Karl Marx Capitalists / Jews / non communists (Karl Marx wrote a book: ‘A World Without Jews’, translated by Dagobert Runes).
    Adolf Hitler Jews / communists / ethnic and racial minorities / non Aryan ‘others’ / non Germans
    Joseph Stalin Capitalists / communist party rivals / Chechens / democracy / democrats / American Republicans / nationalists
    George W. Bush Saddam Hussein / Usama Bin Laden / Al-Qaeda / American Democrats
    Duncan Roads Non Scientologists / the Jewish New World Order / Israel / psychiatry / the medical profession / ‘fascists’ / capitalists /
    centralised government / centralised intelligence agencies / the British Empire / the United States of America /
    the Catholic church / Christianity / the Bible / the Australian Commonwealth / critics of himself and / or his publication

    Why engage in this kind of conspiracy mythology? The ultimate reward for those who already have wealth, possessions and status is real absolute power.
    Absolute power in the real world is the most rewarding extrinsic stimulus a human can experience. It is the one thing Muammar Al-Qadafi and CoS do not have, yet.

    Australian author Thomas Kenneally described the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in terms of : “Absolute power is the salve of celibate old men”.

    To which I might add, “And the Nexus Conspirators”.

    The furtherance of the Scientology / socialist Libyan agenda toward absolute power over the world would also ‘prove’ Duncan Roads is the CoS ‘super man’ he thinks he is.

    In this context, the remainder of the editorial follows a predictably self-serving trajectory. Roads quotes ‘secret’ sources, (most likely the Libyan propaganda ministry, other
    Scientologists, fantasists and certifiable headcases), whose personal agenda matches that of socialist Libya, Nexus and Scientology. People who acquire peer approval, fame,
    recognition or money for telling tall tales to publishers of the same sort of propaganda for the same financial and political outcomes. They do it for money and / or power which
    confirms their theory that they are an ‘elite’, hidden in plain sight from their unsuspecting but useful ‘tools’ in the freedom movement ‘right’ and ‘watermelon left’.

    “The Earth has a secret rulership” (Code for Jewish New World Order which withholds ultimate power from power-envious Scientologists and Libyans).

    ‘The secret rulership control everything and have super-advanced science including clones, anti-gravity technology, moon bases and spaceships’
    Everything CoS envies because absolute dictator L.Ron Hubbard wrote about these things in his woeful science fiction novels, Scientologys’ ‘gospels’.

    ‘UFOs and aliens exist’, usually to frustrate the world-dominating ambitions of the Church of Scientology (CoS). More envy. CoS does not want to free humanity from ‘the alien
    dictatorship’, it wishes to become the hidden dictatorship of Earth and over humans. They think of this outcome as their ‘entitlement’ ordained by L. Ron, fate and their assumed
    innate superiority over non-Scientologists. People Scientologists refer to contemptuously as “wogs”. Roads goes on to say:

    “The thing that bugs me is that we have a bunch of rulers who want to stay hidden but who have the technology to allow everyone to lead happy, healthy and peaceful lives;
    the technology to transform the planet into an Eden-like paradise; the technology to end disease and polluting energy sources.”

    Technology “they” don’t share because these “hidden rulers” and their “technology” do not exist outside of Duncan Michael Roads’ delusional worldview. A worldview into
    which Roads was indoctrinated, or brainwashed, by CoS and the socialist Libyan propaganda ministry whose views he publishes in order to acquire ego-vindication, fame and
    fortune in one fell swoop. Income he shares with CoS to spread the ‘wisdom’ of philosopher king L.Ron Hubbard, another ‘absolutist’ dictator intent on world subversion, just like
    Muammar Al-Qadafi. Power Al-Qadafi would use to attack the West, destroy Israel, reinstate Palestine for the Palestinians and then take over the rest of the planet. This is ‘big
    picture’ fantasy authoring in anybodys’ book.

    How does a half-way intelligent human being mistake treason for patriotism and lies for truth? An ’emperor with new clothes but no brain’, like Roads?

    The author of Bare Faced Messiah, Russell Miller, wrote of L. Ron Hubbards’ philosophy to world-domination in the 1970s in terms of: “…he came close to taking over control of
    several countries.” (Sphere Books, 1987, London, p 3). “Hubbard told his followers: ‘Don’t bother to get elected…get a job on the secretarial staff.’ In this way…Scientology would
    be advantageously situated to transform an organisation, by means of subversion, from the inside. ‘If we were revolutionaries…this H.C.O. Bulletin would be a very dangerous
    document.”(Ibid. p 315). Hubbard created a ‘Department of Government Affairs’. “The goal of the Department…is to bring government and hostile philosophies or societies into a

  16. Duncan Roads Says:

    Dear “Not a Nexus Fan” – you sound like you have ‘thing’ for me – I’d say you are one creepy dude. What did I do – reject an article of yours? Did my secretary say that I was too busy to talk to you when you phoned? Or did I fail to reply to one of your emails?

    It is one thing to have a difference on opinion about things – but you have simply outright and outrageously invented whole lies about myself, in order to paint some bizarre tale.

    For those that bothered to read his rant – where do I even start to point out the lies and half-truths? Do any of you even care? After publishing Nexus Magazine around the world for over 20 years I think people can see for themselves where I am at with regards to personal agendas.

    One thing I will say is this – I am NOT a scientologist, and neither is Catherine. Never have been, never will be. In fact, the Church of Scientology HATES me and HATES NEXUS Magazine.

    For the record, I am an ordinary guy who just wanted to find out what was going on in the world, behind the scenes. Yes, I have a brittle ego. Yes, I want to rush to defend good people when they are being attacked. Yes, I wanted to expose Sai Baba for the fraud and rapist that he is, and yes, it was because I found out that I had been duped, and that two of my friends were molested by him. Yes, everytime I realise or discover something amazing – I want to shout it from the hilltops.

    And finally, you slimy bastard – my mother died very suddenly while in America. I had just a few hours notice before she died in hospital on the other side of the planet. Could some of the information we published in Nexus have helped her – I don’t know. But what sort of slimeball are you – who wants to use my own mother’s death as some sort of evidence that I am publishing fake health information.

    I am Duncan Roads, the editor and owner of Nexus Magazine, based in Australia. Who are you? How about coming out of hiding and stop being a coward?

  17. Sadistic Sympathy Says:

    What a beautiful moment in history this is shaping up to be.
    A real stand alone complex unfolding against something as ridiculous as Scientology
    Perhaps the world is more interseting than I thought.
    If only things like this happened more often.

  18. Anonymous Says:

    There has been a dire lack of truth and understanding that has been bred into the minds of the masses and it is no longer amusing nor funny. The masses of today take everything for granted and accept any statement as fact and fail to question the origins and truth of the subject matter. The joke is over, i no longer find it amusing to stand idly by and watch the world crumble around me. End the cycle of stupidity, we must be the creators, the originators, the propagators of change or watch our society die in a stagnant pool of information tampering and ignorance. “I thought what I’d do is pretend I was one of those deaf-mutes.” Or should I?

  19. Loa Says:

    As a long standing member of Anon and a stand alone hacker way way before that, I can say 100%, yes it was the idea of the STC that inspired me to throw my skills behind Anon and I’ve even been known to use the laugthing man icon as a uniquie identifier from time to time.

  20. Symonia Says:

    The funny thing about scientology is that it’s greatest strength, it’s greatest weakness, and the thing that bring it closest to being a religion are all one in the same; it is attacked for it’s strange beliefs.

    It draws legal and moral strength from being attacked; it’s strength
    The response to being attacked, in tune with human nature, forces it to further degenerate; it’s weakness

    The scary thing about it is that it is furthering the distance between the rich and poor by collecting the wealth into a single organisation…
    Christianity, Islam and Scientology are going to collide in a massive way eventually, and here’s hoping that they don’t fuse.
    I’d rather three seperate cancerous entities than a single demonic one D=

  21. joebizerta Says:

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  22. twitch Says:

    agree with sadistic sympathy.
    i see the possibility of a real life “stand alone complex” happening in my lifetime as strange and interesting.
    possibly be a milestone in human history depending on how this plays out, and im kind of excited to see this happening as up till now i’ve viewed this world as just millions of “sheep” following the next “big craze” and utterly lacking in originality. in an essence, the past couple decades has been nothing more than a “intigration into mainstream mediocrity”.

  23. OtakuMegane Says:

    Anonymous existed well before Chanology began; the Scientology protests simply happened to be the most visible activity. In its earlier stages, Anonymous mostly raided games, forums and chatrooms, sometimes to the point of destruction. Acting “for the good” is actually a more recent tendency, mostly brought on by interacting with the established critics of Scientology.

    Anonymous most likely is a Stand Alone Complex though I’m not sure if it’s the first significant case. Even in the beginning it was simply an “anarchic collective” that randomly took up challenges. Sometimes nobody really was certain why a particular thing was acted upon. Groups have splintered off from Anonymous many times but within the core Anonymous there never has been a particular leader, overall plan or guidance and I doubt anyone could tell you the exact moment it began to show a life of its own. Individual motivations and the targets vary and the general tendencies have changed over time but even after several years of existence, things still “just happen”.

    I was part of it for a good while and it has always intrigued me.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Scientology, like most religions, is based in an evolved neurological phenomenon, whereas self-aware entities (i.e., humans) manifest a need to believe in a “continuation of existence,” provided via a higher-order being (i.e., god – God, if one prefers). This manifestation is primarily precipitated by the entities’ consideration and obsession over mortality and absurdity. Religion is spread via a meme, and, over time, the dogma and canon fluctuate and evolve within the believing population, as well as during proselytization to unbelieving populations. It is quite possible that a number of disparate individuals, themselves absent an original from whom they acquired the fundamentals of their particular “belief,” over a considerable amount of time, are responsible for most modern religions’ belief and value systems.

    Although I am unhindered by religious considerations, I feel relatively confident that most people “need to believe” – in something. And, at the risk of sounding crass, I feel that most persons’ intellect and insight is currently beneath the threshold required for shedding such arcane and ridiculous beliefs. I admire what Anonymous is attempting – discrediting predatory and eristic organizations such as the Church of Scientology, and, in their more recent activities, coming to the aid of Wikileaks and Julian Assange. It is my belief that the world is witnessing the emergence of a socio-political stand alone complex in the many recent secular and political uprisings.

  25. EBB Says:

    Anonymous claims to be a group of individuals with the same opinon of scientology, but isn’t it possible that the “original” anonymous was a single person without the ideals that our current anonymous had? It’s like the game of telephone. The “first” anonymous posted the Tom Cruise video, then the second took it and expanded on it but still complied with the first , then the third denied claims of what people assumed he was but still complied with the first and second, then the fourth expanded on the original idea while still complying with the first three. Isn’t highly possible that the “original” anonymous was just that. An anonymous person who wanted to poke fun at Tom Cruise, then someone took it a little too seriously and expanded on it?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    Anonymous is not a group. Anonymous has shared views and has views that are not shared, as you and I inevitably do, as well. Anonymous does not care about Scientology. Anonymous is obsessed with Scientology. Anonymous is not a hive mind, but an entity in and of itself composed of individuals, performing individually motivated actions. Some of these actions garner more publicity than others, but do not be fooled. Anonymous is neither good nor evil. It just is. Any statements made for Anonymous were also not made by Anonymous and Anonymous disagrees and agrees with them in full.

  27. Hosfac Says:

    Anonymous is NOT a stand alone complex, but nice try anyways. According to the canon of the anime, a stand alone complex is a complicated type of copy-cat crime spree.

    Here’s how it works:

    A rumor goes around the net about someone doing something. This act may not have even happened: it only needs for people to believe that it did. In the case of the Laughing Man, it did happen, but his reasoning for doing what he did or what he was trying to expose was not known. Other people saw this, projected their personal convictions on to the event, injected their own rationale into their own plans and carried them out individually, WITHOUT COLLUSION with any of the other people involved. However, in the end we discover that even the Laughing Man was inspired by an anonymous file that he found by accident. He had no idea as to the author’s intentions or even if that person had originated the idea. Copy-cats without an original.

    Anonymous is exactly the opposite. People see something that they see as distasteful, discuss it with others, and decide on a course of action collectively. The group often splinters, with separate groups doing different things while working towards the same goal. They are NOT copying someone else and they are NOT acting alone.

  28. Wang Says:

    According to the “canon of the anime”???, come on, we are dealing with philosophy here. We are discussing the effect of a real life stand alone complex created in the web, we are dealing with the concept of stand alone complex, not with the depiction this series made of it. If you don’t sympathize with anonymous fine, but don’t pretend to lecture us with your fanboy vision of what a stand alone complex is or should be. You are out of focus Hosfac, again, we are discussing philosophy, not otaku skills.

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  33. ihatenexus2013@ihatenexus2013.com Says:

    The crimes of Scientology are not restricted to crimes against individual persons.

    Scientology aligned itself with Muammar gaddafi and tried to take over the world.

    The “Jewish New World Order” propaganda campaign was their doing.

    They tried to secure Australian uranium for a missile Gaddafi intended firing at Washington from Trinidad.

    They tried to start World War III.

    Scientologys’ crimes are against Humanity, the Planet and Civilisation as we know it.

    They were going to rule whatever and whoever survived.

    They are the real New World Order.

    This is why i hate nexus.

    ihate nexus