Interview with champion Donkey Kong player Billy Mitchell

Last week I saw the excellent documentary The King of Kong and heartily recommended it to everyone who’s even moderately interested in videogames. You don’t even have to have ever played the titular game, Nintendo’s Donkey Kong arcade cabinet, to enjoy the film (I haven’t). Now, The Onion’s A.V. Club has an excellent interview with Billy Mitchell, the Donkey Kong champion portrayed as a cheater, coward, and all-around jerk in the documentary (as a foil to the hero of the story, Steve Wiebe).

Well I knew something about the characterization and framing of Billy Mitchell seemed off. The documentary isn’t close to impartial, though I suspect that’s only to make it even more entertaining. And now in this interview Billy Mitchell has fired back, confirming a lot of the initial suspicions I had about the film. Is Billy Mitchell quirky? Hell yes. But is he a bad man? No, I don’t think so. He still holds the Donkey Kong world record, and to my mind, he deserves it.

24 Responses to “Interview with champion Donkey Kong player Billy Mitchell”

  1. John Doe Says:

    I watched the movie also and beleive Billy Mitchell to be a FAKE! He talked alot crap about scores counting when played in public and when Steve Wiebe did it, Billy Mitchell sends in a video game. It seems to me Billy Mitchell is too scared to play Steve Wiebe head to head in Donkey Kong. That documentary, The King of Kong, really showed how Billy is, “A FAKE”. Maybe one day Billy will have the balls to play Steve Wiebe head to head in Donkey Kong.

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    The thing is, after that documentary came out, Billy Mitchell did reclaim the high score in Donkey Kong, in live play. I think he was anxious to play in public, but in the end, he was able to put his money where his mouth was and perform. So he’s not just all talk.

    Also, the movie really is quite biased against Mitchell. The story isn’t all that interesting in real life, so they painted on an epic David versus Goliath (or King Kong, as it were) under-current, and Mitchell played the part of Goliath.

  3. Kicker Says:

    Quirky means a bit eccentric. He isn’t quirky, he’s a self-absorbed douche and an egomaniac. The documentary may seem biased, but his real life persona isn’t far from it by most accounts.

    The interview you linked pretty much makes him out to be the laughable twit the documentary made him out to be.

    How you missed something so obvious is anybody’s guess.

  4. Kicker Says:

    You actually saw the MTV interview linked in the interview and you don’t think he’s a nitwit?

    Here’s a helpful suggestion; don’t take your own advice when sizing up people, get a second opinion.

  5. Cyde Weys Says:

    You know, ad hominems aren’t particularly convincing. Especially when you have no other evidence. Just saying.

  6. Matthew Says:

    Yeah, he might have one his record back, but that still doesn’t mean he isn’t a douche. Judging simply by the statements he makes about himself, comparing himself to the abortion issue, not even saying hello to Steve Wiebe, show that he is a spineless self absorbed loser.

  7. Cyde Weys Says:

    I think you’re being a little too eager to hate on him. The whole “hello” thing could’ve simply been part of the way the film was edited.

  8. Randomhero Says:

    PLEASE first off the taped score was so fake it just shows how lame the whole title is .. I think NO video tapes should be allowed if your that leet you can put out a good score in person .. second even if it was edited still when leaving the area steve was in he still said he didn’t wanna waste alot of time on him and it has like a good chunk of time where steve is playing and billy wouldn’t even look over.. what a poor loser.. like a little baby whos entire life is this game.. True Champ is Steve regardless of scores

  9. Nico Says:

    Let’s stop this editing bullshit, the acts without the commentary of Mitchell speak for themselve.
    The only thing editing could have done is avoid someone to look bad.

    Did they edit Steve to look good? Maybe, it’s possible.
    Did they edit Billy to look good? Certainly not

    Did they edit Billy to make him look like a complete douche-bag? No way.

    He ends up looking like an asshole by his own mastery of jerkiness, he acts ,dresses and speaks utter assholinity no need to edit there.

    Steve W is the only possible Hero, maybe he is a douchebag too, but I’ll take the geeky autistic engineer over those inferiority-complex freakazoids anytime.

    Billy Mitchell, go hang yourself with your ties, and take your mindless Habeer-Qamsa-gangrape nationalistic arrogance elsewhere.

    Ugh USA on top, me on top, winning all that counts, destroy everything in my way, ugh, ugh.

  10. William (green) Says:

    Ugh, ugh! (“Sounds good to me!”)

  11. Jason Says:

    Billy Mitchell has a mullet,wears a usa tie,compares himself to God! It’s not his fault that he happens to be the offspring of 5th generation inbreeding.

  12. Jake Says:

    Live play should be the only option when coming up with a high score on any video game.
    The year is 2008 not 1980 Billy boy is trapped in some kind of time warp.
    I think that speaks volumes to his character.
    Just do some surfing on the WWW and you will see that the movie was pretty accurate.
    Steve is the king in my books.

  13. Maria Says:

    Billy is a d-bag. The haircut and pouting should tell you all you need to know.

    Loved the “fuzzy” lines on the side of the video tape and the fact that his referee boyfriend is the one judging the authenticity. Zero sportsmanship whiny baby who probably found a way to cheat to beat Steve W.

    “Awwww…him’s feelings got hurt. WAAAAAAAAAAA!”


  14. Charlied Says:

    Ok am I the only one who feels that weibe is a complete pussy? I mean yeah billy is going to cheat and do anything to stay in his 80’s spotlight, but come on man your whole adult life has been this game why not stand up and formally challenge billy in front of all the” creditable” twingalexy community? He had the chance when he walked in the arcade. He blew it and blew any chance for him to live any sort of normal life.

  15. Oleannder Says:

    I got though watching King of Kong again this morning & no matter how many times I watch it I still think Billy Mitchell is the worst example of sportsmanship out there. He is needlessly rude, unjustifiably arrogent & comes across as weasely. Regardless of any ‘editing’ there is no getting past the things that he actually said & did – the nasty passive aggressive comment at Funspot about ‘not wanting to hang around certian people’ is just one of the most obvious.

    In my opinion his behaviour is like that of a mean teenaged girl who hates the new pretty girl at school just because the new girl may be a remote threat to her own status & has decided to block her out socially. Billy Mitchell is a Mean Girl.

  16. Dmin Says:

    I would like to make Billy Mitchell cry… or possibly pee his pants. I don’t think it would take much; maybe just jump out at him and yell BOO!

    What a complete reject he even has his parents wrapped up in some kind of mystic trance. #$&% Billy Mitchell; #$&% him proper I say and may he always have the nerve of a field mouse in the face of defeat. ^_^

  17. t cutajar Says:

    boooooooooooooooooooooooooooo you fucking cheating bastard.

  18. t cutajar Says:

    he is a fuckin homo

  19. t cutajar Says:

    loser get a fuckin life ill kill you in say hockey soccer football fucking donkey kong is 1980sssss

  20. Twistedhairball!! Says:

    Bill is a prick, and possibly the author of this page.

    Did you see the film, editing is 1 thing but they couldn’t edit those words into his shit tie mullet headed cunt faced mouth now could they.

    the worst example of a sports man I have ever seen, I would like to stamp on his head and I’m actually quite a passive person. I just get enraged when I see ignorant and self obsessed wankers making out they’re something special.

    And his little rat boyfriend, IMO he was worse. putting Steve off and saying that’s part of the sport, BOLLOX in what other sports does that happen. CUNTS THE LOT OF THEM.

    OH billy, let me suck you donkey balls as you play……..

    Go Wiebe, F his Monkey A.

  21. Bob Says:

    Billy had everything his way. He had all the support of everyone there. His statements that it needed to be done “live” and, after that was done, produced a tape that immediately took back the highest score position is bullshit. His attitude is reprehensible and his lack of good sportmanship disgusting. He can never be anything other than a self absorbed dick. In contrast, everything about Steve W. is championship behavior. If you could take this sort of thing to a fair court the winner would be Steve hands down and Billy would have to hang his head in shame forever and ever.

  22. Kwl Says:

    What a fucking sad prick !!!
    No wonder when you look at his retard parents!!! Count their fingers six on each hand, fucking banjo players

  23. Kwl Says:

    By the way did I say Billy is one freaky cunt !
    Sad sack !!!

  24. garman Says:

    I just watched the film KoK and truly enjoyed the documentary. A few things did bother me about the new world record that Billy submitted. I think this should not have happened when the TG ordered Steve to do his in person, but reality is when TG accepted Billy’s new score of million plus, they should have automatically submitted Steve’s first score of 1million6thousand. Also was there any verification of the original tape the Billy M submitted. (not by Day, it seems he lost credibility during the documentary) That oddity during the playback at the 1million mark seems to scream….. RED FLAGS!