Draw a cartoon? That’s a slayin’

Hey look, cartoons are apparently worth killing over. Of course, it’s not so much the cartoons themselves, but rather the culture of fear that the Islamists want to spread amongst the western world. The message is clear: do or say anything critical of Islam and we will kill you. And unfortunately, too many people are turning belly-up to this terrorism rather than fighting back. In response, I humbly submit this video, which sums up my thoughts on the issue more eloquently than I could ever do in spoken language:

Just to be perfectly clear, this is the cartoon that some deranged fanatical religious wackos think is worth murdering over:

Muhammad with a bomb in his turban

Hey Anonymous? Here are some people slightly more dangerous than the Scientologists, if you want to take them on …

7 Responses to “Draw a cartoon? That’s a slayin’”

  1. William (green) Says:

    That almost looks like ASCII art…

  2. Cyde Weys Says:

    It’s not ASCII art, it’s a scan of a newspaper printing (the original image really wasn’t that big). What you’re seeing are artifacts of the printing process. Look at the pictures in any newspaper carefully and you’ll see the same thing.

  3. fuck-you bitch Says:

    fuck you bitch yougoing to pay that’s soon :@
    you are going to de hells bitch sucker :p

  4. Arthur Conwell Says:

    You suck. Go say that about yourself. you should die in hell for saying that. completely racist. Muhammad (saw) did not look like that. Bomb? Was there even a bomb in the time that Muhammad (saw) lived? Uh I THINK NOT. Oh hahaha, that was probably the funniest thing I’ve ever seeNOT! You old fart.

  5. God Says:

    I don’t EXIST, I’m just a thought some jerk had a few thousand years ago.
    Jesus? Mohammed?, JUST men, Nothing more. No sent from god or holy anything.
    ALL religions ARE constructed of DREAMING.
    Faith? Yes, take YOURSELF for a ride.
    DO NOT KILL. 1st rule. BUT YOU KILL, If Muslims, if christians. You are ALL just the same.

    Can’t you live your lives and ACCEPT your going to die?
    There is no heaven or hell. Get used to it. Or suffer… right t the moment of death, then seeing your dreams fade.

    Religion is a VERY clever BUSINESS.
    It controls you and your life and was made BY NORMAL MEN TO CONTROL YOU.
    Books were written BY MAN no gods or messages sent from such.

    If you believe in a god then you do not understand LIFE and are WEAK minded.

  6. Believer Says:

    Oh God, you do not exist and yet you are commenting on this post.. You are a mystery God.

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