February was a crazy month here at Cyde Weys Musings

Allow me to indulge in some navel-gazing amidst all of the topical posts here on Cyde Weys Musings. But hey, if you like numbers, especially web traffic analytics, you’ll enjoy this post anyway. February has been a crazy month on this site. Just look at this annotated traffic graph (note that the horizontal axis is zero):

February traffic on Cyde Weys Musings

Here’s an explanation of the various jumps in web traffic:

  • A is the post China creates space debris, intentionally, which I wrote over one year ago, but has nevertheless been one of the most popular posts on this site ever. When I was writing it, I never would have guessed so many people were interested in space debris. In hindsight it doesn’t even seem obvious. It still periodically generates large spikes of traffic coming from Google searches whenever space debris is in the news (But can you figure out what caused the spike on January 29? It was too early to be the US satellite shoot-down).
  • B is the post A real life Stand Alone Complex emerges against Scientology, which caused a moderate jump in traffic on the day I published it and then a huge jump in traffic a couple days later when it became popular on Digg and was linked from a number of forums and blogs on the web. The hits on that post are still coming in very regularly, contributing to the overall increase in traffic evident post-Stand Alone Complex.
  • C is the post Pakistan brings down YouTube, which I wrote just yesterday and is far from being on its last legs. It didn’t become popular on Digg or anything, but rather, was widely linked from Slashdot. I owe the traffic numbers on this blog post to my sheer speed in writing about the issue: I had the post online while the hijacking was still taking place, and I posted a detailed technical analysis (with the help of my friend Greg) on the hijacking before anyone else on the web. Speed counts!

I think I’m finally developing a knack for blogging about topics that people are interested in. The traffic to this blog is increasing over time, with a huge jump in February alone, and now that I’ve committed myself to writing at least one post per day (but trying for two), the number of regular readers should really start picking up. And hey, it’s “only” taken 460 posts over the course of a year and three months to reach this point. Determination pays off.

If you have any comments, suggestions, concerns, or tips, please use the comments section below. And if you’re a reader who’s never commented here before, why not take a little time to say how you found this blog? That kind of information is very helpful to me.

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