4,000 US troops dead in Iraq

4,000 US troops have now died in Iraq, along with hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians. Given that Iraq didn’t have weapons of mass destruction, we never did manage to loot their oil to lower our gas prices, their country is now less stable and more terrorist-friendly than in the Saddam era, and that it has cost us over a trillion dollars that we really can’t spare in these tough economic times, how in the fuck can anyone still argue that this war was worth it?!

And yet that’s exactly what John McCain is arguing. Someone explain to me how in the hell he even still has a chance at winning this thing?

One Response to “4,000 US troops dead in Iraq”

  1. T2A` Says:

    Because Americans are stupid?

    I mean, just look at the media. It’s a lot of Obama bashing. They try to pick apart his very good speech about long-standing racial issues in this country and all they do on the media is try to dissect it and make it seem bad.

    Check this video out if you haven’t. It’s Obama explaining why people on the fence should vote for him over Clinton. Again, very good answers.