Now everyone’s been expelled from Expelled

The blogohedron was full of great vengeance and furious anger last week when PZ Myers, renowned atheist blogger, was expelled from a screening of the creationist propaganda movie Expelled. It was glaringly obvious that the movie’s promoters had pulled off a stunning act of shooting themselves in the foot for the ages, and then continued to make it worse by repeatedly changing their story about what had happened. Now they’re in full damage control mode, and it appears that they’ve shut down all upcoming screenings of the film.

I was going to go see a local screening of Expelled here in Maryland on April 1 (quite the fitting date, actually) with my friend Andrew, but it was canceled. Andrew registered his name to attend and everything, but now the screening has simply vanished. I think Andrew and I just have a certain effect on creationists. In 2005 we went to go see Kent Hovind rail against science at a local church, and not a year later, he was serving ten years in prison on federal tax evasion charges. Whoopsies. Guess the promoters of Expelled didn’t want to take a chance of something similar happening to them if we managed to attend a screening?

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