Someone wants to get rich the easy way

In my idle time I occasionally like to over-analyze some of the visitor stats of this blog. One could go crazy trying to find a hidden meaning in the random traffic fluctuations, so instead I focus on the search engine terms that bring people to this site. They can be funny at times. Sure, there are lots of kids searching for Zwinky (which I wrote about awhile back). There are always lots of searches for space that somehow manage to find my post on space debris. And the Russian hiker mystery has been a popular topic since I first wrote about it.

But all of these search results are pedestrian. Yesterday, however, someone came to my blog on the search term “how to marry rich”. Presumably they’re finding my blog entry commenting on a ridiculous article on MSNBC about how to marry the ultra-rich. But reading that short blog post, I realized I never cut loose and expressed how I really feel about the topic. For the purposes of this blog post I’m going to be talking about female gold diggers, because a man getting really rich by marriage is a much rarer occurrence (in more ways than one).

If your goal in life is nothing more than to marry someone who’s rich and have everything taken care of without having to put in any work on your own beyond landing the rich guy, you’re basically admitting that you have no value to society, and the only worthwhile aspects to you are your looks and your “charm”. The vast majority of people who succeed in life do it on their own merits by putting in hard work to make a decent living for themselves. The number of people who are able to circumvent that process and just leech off of someone else’s success is very small (much smaller than it used to be when many women didn’t work). It’s hardly a goal worth aspiring to.

Sure, trophy wives may lead comfortable lives, but very few people respect them. They took the easy way out. They cheated. Sure, they live in large houses and drive expensive cars, but what about their self-esteem? It would drag me down every day just knowing that I never really did anything with my life. “Trophy wife” is an insult instead of a term of endearment for a reason — although society doesn’t prohibit people marrying for money, it sure as hell looks down upon it. Can you really be proud of yourself knowing that the only thing separating you from a hobo out on the street is that you managed to land a rich guy?

The basic fabric of society is structured around rewarding those who put in work. Obviously it wouldn’t work any other way. Don’t want to be a hobo? Get a job and make something of yourself. Want a nice car? Ditto. But marrying for money is circumventing that whole system. Trophy wives are a drain on society. They’re nothing more than a glorified call girl with a clientèle list of one (if they’re faithful) — because let’s be honest, they’re trading sex, their looks, and their wombs to a man in exchange for leeching off his income for the rest of their life without actually contributing to society.

And it goes nearly without saying that someone querying Google on how to marry rich is not the kind of person who is going to be successful at it. Hopefully that person who was searching for tips on the easy way out of marrying rich will meet with complete failure, return to Google in a couple month’s time to repeat the query, and then find themselves here reading this.

One Response to “Someone wants to get rich the easy way”

  1. drinian Says:

    On the other hand, I’m pretty sure that a lot of rich guys know exactly what they’re doing when they marry one of these girls. They want someone who will give them progeny, manage the house, host social events, and not get in the way of their business lives too much.

    Oh, and they’ll still look good when they’re 50.